De La Salle receiver interested in Notre Dame

Concord De La Salle has a long history of winning and they win with great athletes. Another in a long line of division one prospects that come fron De La Salle is Cameron Colvin. Colvin is listed at 6-2, 191 pounds with 4.49 speed. The wide receiver prospect should be heavily recruited by all the powers of college football this year.

De La Salle is traditionally a running team but when they throw they usually make some big plays. Cameron Colvin didn't catch a lot of passes last year but he made the most of his 14 receptions scoring four touchdowns and gaining 405 yards.

Colvin has been receiving quite a bit of attention from the top programs in the country. "I am getting a lot of letters. Michigan, California, Stanford, UCLA, Texas, Texas A&M, Arizona and Arizona State mostly."

Is he interested in Notre Dame? "Yeah, I like them a lot. I think they will have a pretty good team real soon."

Playing for a team like De La Salle, a player learns the importance of teamwork. "I am most interested in a school with a good tradition. Team unity is also important because I think you need that to win championships. I want to find a school with a good business school and a school that like to pass the ball."

Colvin is just starting to get involved with recruiting. "I don't really have a time frame. I will choose a school when I feel comfortable. I don't know what my core g.p.a. is right now. I haven't looked at that. I am taking the ACT in May."

The star wide receiver has decided on one thing. "I think I would like to get out of the area. I would like some new scenery. I like the Bay area but I want to experience new things.I like Cal but I think I would prefer to leave the area and distance won't be a factor."

Colvin hasn't begun to narrow his list but some schools do stand out. "I like Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Miami and Notre Dame. Those are some schools that I am interested in but I am open to anyone right now."

Comments. I am not sure if he will be recruited yet without a core and test score but De La Salle players are usually pretty intelligent. He should be recruited pretty heavily. Keep and eye on him. Top Stories