Tuitt Is Doing His Homework

Stephon Tuitt from Monroe High School (Monroe, Ga.) is's No. 17 ranked defensive end and he has scholarship offers from a number of the top programs. Tuitt would like to get a closer look at several of those programs, likely during the summer.

Stephon Tuitt (6-foot-5, 260-pounds) has scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn, Florida, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Maryland, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Louisville and Vanderbilt. Stephon realizes that he has a lot of research to do in order to pare that number down to a manageable list of potential schools. One school that he has looked into is Notre Dame and he has been impressed with what he has learned.

"Their interest in me is really high." Tuitt said of Notre Dame. "I like the school. I like that it's a private school. You can get a great education from the school. They have a great football tradition. I like the coaches so far and I'm trying to build a better relationship with coach Elston.

"I really didn't know much about Notre Dame, but I've done my homework on Notre Dame. I looked on the computer and found out what I could. I also know that it's a Catholic school, and you can get a great degree and they have great networking when you graduate from the school."

Tuitt was not only impressed by what he discovered while doing his research, but he was also impressed that the Irish paid him a visit during the May evaluation period.

"Coach Elston and coach Diaco came over and watched me practice," Tuitt explained. "I really didn't get a chance to talk to them, but I was excited that it was the defensive coordinator from the Notre Dame. That showed me that they have a lot of interest in me to have the defensive line coach and the defensive coordinator come over to watch me practice. I got a chance to meet them and they wanted to know if I'd take an official visit up there so that they could get to know me more."

One bump in the road for Notre Dame may be distance. Tuitt is originally from Florida and his mom is considering moving closer to her family in a few years.

"Notre Dame is kind of out there, further away from home," Stephon explained. "I'm from Miami, and moved to Georgia. I'm not sure what my mom will do if she moves back to Florida, because it's even further. But we kind of took that out of the picture and we're just looking at the school that's best for me and that I can get a degree in that will carry some weight 40 or 50 years from now."

Playing closer to his family will certainly be an option for Tuitt, as the Hurricanes recently extended him an offer.

"Miami is in contention. All of my family is from Miami and I lived in Miami," Tuitt said. "I also like Auburn. I'm also looking at visiting some other schools like Tennessee, LSU, Kentucky and some others. I'm going to take some visits, and make sure what the schools offer. After that I'll take them out of the picture or keep them in.

"I'd like to make an official visit to Notre Dame, but If I can visit there this summer that would be better for me because I wouldn't have to wait to find out if I don't like the school, but If I do like the school, that will make the official visit even stronger.

"I'll start narrowing down schools this summer, but I want to get look at the schools before I say that I'm not interested in a school," he said. "I don't know when I'll make my decision. I don't know if I want to wait until January or if I want to wait until the end of my football season to make my decision." Top Stories