Kelly Has Plenty of Options

Ryan Kelly from Lakota West High School (West Chester, Ohio) is the No. 4 ranked center in the country according to He hasn't received the attention from Notre Dame that he would like, but he does have a number of elite programs pursuing him.

Last fall Ryan Kelly (6-foot-5, 280-pounds) was in regular contact with the Notre Dame football staff and he was establishing a solid relationship with former Irish offensive line coach, Frank Verducci. Ryan was hoping to see Notre Dame's interest to continue when Brian Kelly took over the program, but that hasn't materialized.

"Absolutely nothing right now," Kelly responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "I was being recruited by coach Weis and his staff. I came up for a game a year ago. It seemed like they were going to offer me pretty soon, but then they got fired.

"At the same time, I was being recruited my coach Kelly and his staff when they were at Cincinnati. I figured that they'd continue to recruit me when they got up to Notre Dame, but I didn't hear anything from them until the spring evaluation period.

"My coach went ahead and called up there and asked coach Hinton what Notre Dame was doing," he said. "Coach Hinton came in one day and said that they really liked me, but I haven't heard anything from them since."

The consensus is that Notre Dame doesn't plan on signing a center with the 2011 class, which may explain why they aren't pursuing Kelly with more vigor. Ryan does have the potential to play multiple positions, but most have slotted him in the middle of the line.

"Florida State is recruiting as a tackle, so I can play all the positions along the line, but most of the schools are recruiting me as a center," Kelly explained. "When Alabama offered, coach (Joe) Pendry said that the biggest thing he'd have to do is figure out is where I'd fit, because I can play any of the positions.

"Personally I think I'm a center because of the way I explode off the ball. I really didn't get to play tackle last year. I played two games and then was switched over to center. I really wouldn't know though, because I really haven't had a chance to play tackle and I wasn't there long enough to make a judgment."

It's really picked up since the evaluation period.. One thing after another has happened to me. I just committed to play in the Under Armor All-America Game, coaches have been calling, so I really haven't, the process has been really busy lately so I haven't sat down and thought about schools.

Last fall and earlier this year, Kelly made unofficial visits to Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Cincinnati, Purdue and Notre Dame and with summer break days away, he'll be back on the road.

"We get out June 4," he said. "We're driving down to visit Tennessee, and then Alabama, then we're coming back up. I'm going to retake the ACT, even though I've already qualified. I want to see if I can get a better score on that. Then we're going to fly down to Florida and Florida State. Then we're going to vacation while we're down in Florida.

"I think I'll probably narrow my list down after that. I'm sure some schools will stand out more than others, so I'm sure that will help me out a lot. At this point I haven't heard a lot from Notre Dame, so I'm not sure what they're going to do. After that I'm sure I'll be able to narrow it down to a couple.

"I really don't think I would commit on the spot anywhere," Kelly said. "I think I'd have to come back home, reevaluate the schools and go from there. When you're there they're going to put on a front, all schools do, When it comes down to it I want to reevaluate everything once I get home and then go from there. " Top Stories