A Learning Experience for Perryman

Denzel Perryman has finished spring ball and now will turn his attention to recruiting. The linebacker from Coral Gables High School (Coral Gables, Fla.) wants to take some unofficial visits in order to narrow down his list of schools.

One school that Denzel Perryman (5-foot-11, 220-pounds) is just starting to learn about is Notre Dame. The Irish started recruiting him in a couple months ago, and he is showing interest in them.

"They started contacting me at the beginning of spring," Perryman said. "They haven't visited me yet, but I'm interested in them and I plan on getting up there for an official visit. We have our spring game (today) so hopefully a coach will stop by.

"I want to go up there and find out what it's all about, because they say once you get up there you don't want to leave. I know of the history of Notre Dame, but I'm willing to find out more."

Something that Perryman has learned through the recruiting process is that being a highly sought after prospect can be a blessing and a curse. He's taken it in stride, but as his summer break approaches, he's looking to lighten his load.

"Really it's kind of hard because there are almost too many schools," he said. "It's hard for me to talk to all of the coaches because there are days that I come home from practice, shower, eat and then go to bed. It's hard.

"Sometimes I find it overwhelming, then sometimes I get a handle on it, but right now I'm feeling like it's time to start breaking it down. I think I'll get out this summer and visit some of the schools and see what they look like."

Perryman doesn't have any unofficial dates set for the summer, but he does have a preliminary list of schools that he'd like to check out.

"There are other schools that I'm still considering," he said. "But there are some schools that I know that I'd like to go see; Notre Dame is one, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, LSU, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

"I haven't narrowed it down to a top-ten yet, but after I go look at those schools I think I'll be able to narrow that down to five or six. I haven't decided when I'll decide, but I'll probably go all the way to January.

"Some coaching staffs that I've talked to that stand out to me right now are FSU, Miami, Florida, Tennessee, USF, and North Carolina. I think I'm developing a pretty good relationship with those schools."

One school not mentioned on his travel itinerary, is the local school that he's seen many times and is almost certain to make it into his final list of schools.

"As a kid I liked the Hurricanes," he said. "Ray Lewis has always been my favorite player so I've always liked the Hurricanes. I always told myself that someday that I'd play for them and I could always see myself in that uniform."

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