Huggins To Check Out ND

Savon Huggins from St. Peters Preparatory School (Jersey City, N.J.) is one of Notre Dame's top recruiting targets. Huggins is's No. 6 rated running back in the country and he's looking to take a visit to Notre Dame in the coming weeks.

If Notre Dame is going to have a shot at signing Savon Huggins (5-foot-11, 198-pounds) they'll need to get him on campus. Notre Dame has been making the pitch and Savon's father, Wendell Huggins is fairly certain that they will making a trip to South Bend very soon.

"We're going to see what we can do so that we can make a trip down there," Wendell said. "He has the SAT this weekend. Then the next week we might be able to make a trip out there.

"He just wants to see what the atmosphere of the school is and get some pertinent information on the school. He wants to spend some time with coaches, some players, look at the surroundings and see where the school is located. The main thing is to get a feel for the school. He said that Notre Dame is a school that he'd possibly be interested in.

"For the kids it's about whether they feel comfortable at a particular institution, so I don't want him to base his final choice on one official visit," he said. "I told him, if there are some schools that you're really interested in, I want you to go there and get a feel for the school. If it's going to be one of his top schools after he sees it, then wait until September and then we can take all of the official visits. I think right now, Notre Dame is one of the schools that he's interested in."

The Huggins' will likely visit several schools on their swing through the Midwest, and they will have another prospect along with them that Notre Dame would also like to get on campus.

"We plan on going to Wisconsin and I believe there will be another player that will be coming out there with us, Miles Shuler. We're just trying to find out what the best timeframe is right now," Mr. Huggins explained. "He likes to reach out to some of the players and get their felling on the coaching staff and the school itself. I know he's already reached out to a couple players (at Notre Dame). There are already a couple players that are already out there from New Jersey, that were recruited last year and the year before. He's been very proactive about a lot of this stuff like talking to players and checking into the background of the different schools that he's interested in.

"We've visited quite a few schools already. We've been to Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pitt Miami, and Georgia. Again we're just looking at the schools that he's generally interested in and letting him form an opinion and as a family we'll decide if this is the school that we want our son to go."

Savon is approaching 50 scholarship offers with Illinois, Michigan State and Marshall being the latest. With so many schools actively recruiting him, it can start to become overwhelming.

"He's dedicate to his craft and that what we've tried to teach him," Wendell said. "He's enjoys the game of football and enjoys going through this process. He's focused on whatever he tries to do and we let him understand that if he wants to take it to the next level that he has to put 110 percent effort into it. We told him, ‘They're going in researching you, so you need to put the effort in to research them. It's not all going to come to you by sitting on all your laurels.' I told him that mom and dad will help, but that he has to be very proactive in this process too. He talks to the coaches frequently and he texts them. It's an everyday process.

"A lot of the coaches are coming off all their visits. He got almost 45 calls the other night. I'll probably have to end up changing your phone number. I told him, ‘By the time July comes, that you're going to have to come up with your top-10 just to ease some of the tension off of you. Football season is going to start, and 7-on-7s are around the corner. I think where you are right now is a little too much for you and for us.'

"I told him, ‘If you can have the top-10 by July and then by the beginning of your season name your top-5, then we can see if it's possible to take your official visits with your practice schedule. In the coming weeks, you really have to start to focus and go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. You have to look at the type of education that each school is going to give you. Going to the school, can you see yourself not just going there for three or four years, but when you graduate, the piece of paper, does it have the potential to get you a job if you don't go to the NFL? If you choose another path, is that piece of paper credible and can you put it on somebody's desk and have them talk to you. There are a lot of schools that are out there that you can do that at and then there are some schools out there that you can't.'"

Savon will also want to know how each school intends on utilizing him in their offense. Notre Dame recently spoke with him at length about how he'd fit into the Notre Dame spread offense.

"We've spoken to coach Kelly and the running backs coach. In fact, coach Molnar just spoke with my son last week," Wendell said. "They're letting him know that he'll get 20-23 touches a game and they're saying that his touches will include catching the ball out of the backfield, utilizing him differently in the offense and using him in kickoff returns and different stuff like that. So I told him that they want to use you differently than other schools want to use you.

"I believe (Theo) Riddick is going to be moved from one position to another position from what we've been told because of the shoulder injury. They want to minimize the stress on that shoulder. There are openings there, and I believe Notre Dame is the only school that runs the spread that he's even considering.

"Savon just needs to break it down and see what schools need, what schools he can play in integral part at," he said. "Who is looking to red-shirt him and which school he can see going to a making an immediate impact at. Which schools are recruiting running backs and how many running backs are they recruiting. We've been doing our homework and we've been putting this all down on a spread sheet and we'll go through everything with a fine-tooth comb."

"He's interested in Notre Dame," Wendell said. "Because the academics are outstanding and just because it's Notre Dame. He is impressed with what they are saying. I said, ‘Now you just have to take it to the point where you have to go and look at the school. Are you comfortable with the atmosphere and will you be comfortable living in South Bend?" Top Stories