Freshmen Number Assignments

Incoming Irish freshmen receive numerical identities for 2010.

Sign No. 1 that you're an Irish football nerd: you care about the rest of this column.

(Sign No. 2 is that you wrote this column from a historical perspective, rather than simply listing the number assignments).

Notre Dame has released the number assignments for incoming freshman as well as four changes among veteran players since the conclusion of spring practice

Note: DE Ethan Johnson changed from #9 to #90 prior to spring practice as did OT Lane Clelland, who changed from #96 at the end of last season to #73.

Freshmen Number Assignments

Apropos of nothing, I've decided to include my favorite Irish player from the past to don the same number as each member of the 2010 freshman class:

Early enrollees Tai-ler Jones (#7), Tommy Rees (#13), Lo Wood (#23), and Chris Badger (#24) received their number assignments in the spring.

The following veterans will change numbers for the 2010 season:

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