Georiga back likes Notre Dame

<P>It's not often that an extremely talented running back also carries a 4.0 g.p.a. but that is the case with Buford Georgia's Darius Walker. Walker should be considered one of the top running back prospects in 2004 and has an interest in Notre Dame. </P>

Darius Walker is listed at 5-11, 195 pounds and recently ran a 4.38 40 time at a fitness test done at his high school. Walker had a monster season last year rushing for 1,986 yards and 26 touchdowns. These stats have made college coaches across the country take notice of Darius.

"I am getting letters from everybody. All the top schools and big programs. I haven't received any offers yet but a lot of schools have said they would soon." Expect a lot of offers to be coming for Darius very soon.

The star running back attended the Nike camp last year and might attend the camp again this year. "I am not sure, it's at Auburn this year so I might go. A lot of teams have invited me to their camps as well. I might try to go to some places and check them out but it's still very early and I haven't begun to think about which schools I might check out."

A 4.0 g.p.a. obviously means the players is dedicated to his schoolwork. I asked Darius what was important to him when looking at schools he might be interested in? "Academics and athletics. My parents stress grades first and I take that very seriously. I want to go to a good school as well as a good program. The atmosphere will be important to me and I hope to find a place where I can play early."

Walker says he tries to pattern his game after his favorite college player. "I like Willis McGahee. He is my favorite player. My childhood dream was to go to Nebraska but I am not sure about that now." Walker isn't afraid to leave home either. "Distance shouldn't be a problem. I think everyone wants to play at a school close to home but I will go to the school I feel the most comfortable with and just try to manage if it's far from home."

Walker also took notice of Notre Dame last season. "I hadn't really thought about Notre Dame before but they had a great season last season. I really like their head coach. The academics are some of the best in the country. My parents really like Notre Dame and they want me to take a serious look at Notre Dame."

So who are some of Walker's top schools? "It's very early but some of the schools I like are Notre Dame, Maryland, Stanford, Oklahoma, Georgia, Miami, Florida State and Alabama. I am open to anyone who wants to recruit me."

Walker said he doesn't have any idea on when he might decide. "I really don't know when I might decide. I want to see some different schools and check them out. I don't want to close any doors and I will just try to find the best opportunity for me."

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Darius seems pretty interested in Notre Dame. He obviously won't have a hard qualifying. He is a Notre Dame kid all the way. I think he and his family will be very impressed with Willingham. It seems like a good fit but there is a long way to go. He should be one of the top tailbacks in the country and he has a sincere interest in Notre Dame. He should be one of the top prospects for Notre Dame at tailback. Top Stories