Johnson is a "No-Go"

Safety Lyndell Johnson of Plano East High School (Plano, Texas) was planning to be in South Bend to participate in the Notre Dame one-day football camp today, but those plans were sidetracked.

In early May, Lyndell Johnson (6-foot-3, 190-pounds) wanted to get a look at the Notre Dame campus and work out with the new Notre Dame coaching staff at their summer football camp, but his schedule prevented him from making the trip this week.

"I have summer school to take care of,' Johnson said. "I'm taking Algebra II so I don't have to take a math class next year. I'm planning to take care of that, so I can concentrate on my senior year. I'll be able to do that if I get that math class out of the way.

"I'm just trying to work towards something that I'm trying to conquer. I'm just trying to have the best year of football that I can, especially since it's my senior year."

Johnson has been keeping in contact with the Notre Dame coaching staff, and he'd ultimately like to reschedule and visit at some point.

Johnson is trying to evaluate all the schools that he's considering, but it appears that Oklahoma State has an edge on the competition.

"I'm leaning toward them, because it's closer to home, but I'm kind of in between," he explained. "At this point everything is the same though. I'm still wide open and I'm not leaning toward anyone.

"I'm taking my time until I feel I need to make a move, but I'm trying to stay humble and trying to stay relaxed. "

The Big 12 has been a hot topic of discussion for college football fans with conference realignment. Being in the heart of Big 12 territory, Johnson has heard all the talk, but he's focused on what he can control.

"I'm not really too much worried about it right now," Johnson said. "That's something I can worry about later, but that's not really an issue right now. " Top Stories