Great Things on the Horizon

Matt Hegarty just arrived home from an unofficial visit to South Bend. It was the first time the offensive lineman from Aztec High School (Aztec, N.M) had been on campus since he committed to Notre Dame on April 29.

Matt Hegarty (6-foot-6, 260-pounds) is the only one in his family that has the potential to wear an Irish uniform. This weekend his younger sister made an appearance at the Notre Dame women's basketball camp, so Matt decided to tag along.

"I got in Thursday night and we left yesterday about noon," Hegarty said. "My mom came up with me, because my sister Katie did the basketball camp at Notre Dame. She's a sophomore now and she's also coming up for the volleyball camp in July. I'd love if she had an opportunity to play there because it would be nice to see her there. I know my parents would appreciate only having to make one trip."

While his sister worked out in the gym, Matt took the time to get to know his future home a little netter. There were a number of things that made an impression on his during his visit, but getting a chance to sit down with his future position coach, as well as hanging with his future teammates topped this list.

"I had a great time being on campus and getting to see everything a little closer now that I'm committed," Matt explained. "There were probably a couple things that stood out. I spent a ton of time with the guys just doing stuff over the weekend. I hung out with Braxston Cave, Mike Golic Jr., Dyane Crist, Kyle Rudolph, and Jake Golic. They're all great guys. I had a great time hanging out with them and getting to know my future teammates. It was kind of cool spending that time with them.

"The other thing would be that I spent a lot more time with coach Warinner breaking down film, looking at some of the plays and learning some of the X's and ‘O's.

"I also watched a workout Monday and that was a lot of fun," He said. "Watching the guys get at it. Doing the weights and watching them get out there and do some running. There was definitely a lot of camaraderie. They were all excited about the new staff with everything that has come during the last six months. It was a great atmosphere to be around and be a part of."

The last time Matt was on campus it was about 40 degrees cooler, but that wasn't the only difference that he noticed.

"It was I had different feelings, because when I was down there for the junior day I wasn't interested in Notre Dame, but I was still sorting through things," he said. "I didn't have any favorites or anything and I wasn't committed. Being able to see myself being a part of all that this weekend was exciting. I had a lot of fun seeing what I would be doing in about a year, and just knowing where I'm going to be. It made me comfortable with everything.

"Also spending the time with coach Warinner, and getting to know him better made me feel very confident with my decision. I wholeheartedly feel that they're going be seeing a big improvement over the next couple years, especially this year. It was definitely a great experience." Top Stories