Irish Impress Councell

Ben Councell from A. C. Reynolds High School (Asheville, N.C.) got his first look at the Notre Dame campus this weekend when he made an unofficial visit. The Irish were in good shape with Councell prior to his visit and they solidified their standing by the time he left.

Notre Dame just landed a commitment from linebacker Clay Burton and they're hoping the recruiting momentum continues with Ben Councell (6-foot-5, 210-pounds). Councell just returned from an unofficial visit to Notre Dame this weekend.

"I loved it up there. We had a great time up there," Councell said. "They had a schedule set up for us. I had a good time touring campus, and we had a meeting with the defensive coaches and at the end of the day we met with coach Kelly for an hour. It was a great experience… I really loved it up there.

"I meet with all the defensive coaches. It was basically two hours of breaking down the defense. It was a good meeting. They basically broke down the defense, and said that they wanted me to play a hybrid linebacker position. They said that no other team plays their defense. I really liked the coaching staff. They seemed like straight-up guys. I've never seen more passion out of a guy than I did out of coach Diaco. He worked up a sweat just talking about the defense."

After the meeting with the defensive coaches, Councell sat down with Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly to get a his vision on how he where he wants to take the football program.

"I liked coach Kelly," he said. "He basically told me what he wanted to do with the program. He told me that he always wanted to coach up there. He talked about being at Central Michigan, and Cincinnati, and now he's excited about being there. He talked about being able to recruit the top athletes at Notre Dame and that he feels that he's going to be able to make a run at the national championship."

"The program itself is probably the best looking, put together program that I've seen. The coaches seem like they're going to turn the whole program around. The practice facilities, the in-door facilities, everything is nice. Then I got a tour of the campus. It felt warm up there. It was nice."

Councell ad already visited Auburn, N.C. State, South Carolina, and North Carolina prior to reaching South Bend. Although he walked away with a strong impression from his visit to Notre Dame, he will does intend on taking another visit this week.

"I'm Notre Dame is at the top of my list right now," Ben explained. But I'll visit Georgia Tech to see what they have to offer and after that we'll see. I wanted to have a decision made before I start football and that's coming up in a little bit, so we'll see." Top Stories