Lyons On a Path for Succcess

Wayne Lyons is one of the most highly touted members of the 2011 recruiting class. The safety from Dillard High School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) has high aspirations when it comes to football and the classroom.

Notre Dame has Wayne Lyons (6-foot-1, 190-pounds) as one it top recruiting targets and is hoping to get to campus at some point. According to Lyons, he'd like to make another visit to South Bend, but it may have to wait until the fall.

"I talk to the coaches last week," Lyons said. "I think it was coach Martin. We were just keeping in touch, and I wanted to let them know that Notre Dame was still high on my list. He was happy to hear that. We talked about whether I would be able to come up on a visit in the summertime, or if it would be on one of my official visits. I think it will probably be for an official, because I came up last summer for a camp."

Last summer Lyons didn't have nearly 50 scholarship offers that he has today, but he did get plenty of attention for the Notre Dame staff while he was on campus.

"I felt comfortable up there," Lyons explained. "Even though it was for a camp, I got a chance to get a tour around the school and see the facilities. I got to see the weight room, the locker room, I saw the different monuments, and different buildings around campus. I was real good. It was a good feel for me.

Lyons has taken a unique approach to recruiting. He has sent out questionnaires to all the schools that are recruiting him so he can get a better feel for each school. One of the reasons the Irish are still high on Wayne's list is the detail in which the Notre Dame coaching staff responded to his request.

"That helped a lot. They gave me a lot of information and answers helped me out a lot," he said."We have a board in my living room with all the different schools on it. It has what we talk about, how often I talk to them, and what I'm interested in at the different school. There are some schools that I know a lot about, and then there are a lot that I really don't know much about."

Lyons attention to detail might come as a surprise to many, but it's a plan that he and his mom set up from the beginning of his recruitment, much like Lyons has had a plan to become his class valedictorian.

"That's big for me," Lyons said of his goal to be his Dillard's top student of the 2011 class. "I made all A's and one B in one of my college classes. I'm in the dual-enrollment program. I take half of my classes at my high school and the other half at a community college, so I can get college credits. It's something that our school system has. My sister did it my ninth grade year, and I kind of followed in her footsteps.

"I think my mom motivated me to do it. Ever since I was young, she's been telling me that getting good grades and having the best grades in the school, you get a lot of ‘cool points' for that. She always said that it's cool to be smart and be an athlete on top of that. So I guess I took that and ran with it." Top Stories