Carrico On the Mend

It takes a lot to prevent Brad Carrico from doing his daily preparations for his senior season at Dublin Coffman High School (Dublin, Ohio). But unfortunately for Carrico, a tonsillectomy has sidelined him for the first couple weeks of the summer.

Being admitted to the hospital for a tonsillectomy isn't the way Brad Carrico (6-foot-6, 270-pounds) wanted to begin his summer, but he's hoping to be back to his normal routine in a couple weeks.

"I just had my tonsils removed last week," Carrico told Irish Eyes. "I'm not fully recovered. I'm not allowed to raise my blood pressure for the next 7-10 days. I actually just got my voice back. It wasn't the most comfortable thing for sure. The second day through the fourth day were pretty bad and then it went pretty well from there. Supposedly it's supposed to be uphill from now on, so everything should be good.

"I'll go to the doctor this week, and he'll tell me when I can start doing stuff. I imagine after I talk to him that I'll be able start lifting again. I know my high school coach will hold off from running the first week, because he wants me to get my strength back and then I'll start getting in shape."

Carrico shouldn't be setback too much as he heads into his final high school season. Unlike previous summers, he's going to concentrate more on his strength and conditioning and skip the 7-on-7s.

"They don't have me in any 7-on-7s this year," Carrico explained. "I'll be playing the ‘3-technique', more of a defensive tackle, but my coaches feel that it will help me in the long-run with what I'll be playing at Notre Dame. They also have me running at right tackle.

"We have a pretty good off-season weight program. We go in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We lift for an hour and forty-five minutes and then go out and run for an hour. We end up staying for another 10 to 30 minutes without coaches and the players have meetings to go over plays and checks and stuff like that."

In addition to his summer workout regimen, Brad will likely trek to South Bend a couple times before he begins his season.

"I was planning on going up for the summer for the football camp," he said. "I know a couple other (committed) guys that will be going up there, at that time, so I think I might get up there. I'm going to check things out. The coaches said that they really didn't want any guys that they offered (participating) at the camp, and I think that probably goes for the commits as well.

"I'm planning on going up for a (fall) practice also, but I don't have anything set up, right now I'm focusing on getting healthy and going from there. Once I get healthy I'll go from there. " Top Stories