Shuler Turns Attention to Recruiting

Miles Shuler from Long Branch High School (Long Branch, N.J.) proved last week that he was one of the fastest high school athletes in the country. That speed is one of the main reasons college football coaches from around the nation are hoping secure his commitment for their 2011 recruiting class.

After taking the New Jersey 100-meter state title a couple weeks ago Miles Shuler (5-foot-11, 175-pounds) was hoping to have a repeat performance at the National Track and Field Championships held at North Carolina A&T State University last week. Although Miles fell short of his goal, he was satisfied with his effort.

"It went well," Shuler said of the national 100-meter race. "I took third in the whole thing, so I'm the third faster kid in the country. I didn't run my fastest time. I ran a 10.5, so it is what it is. I ran my hardest. It's not bad, but if had run my fastest time (10.39), I would have been the fastest."

With his track season complete Shuler will now have time to dedicate to football recruiting. Notre Dame is hoping some of that time will be spent in South Bend in the coming weeks.

"I haven't been in touch with Notre Dame in a couple weeks," Shuler said. "I talked to Bennett (Jackson) about this, and he said that they won't be in touch with you all the time, so don't take that as they aren't that interested in you. It's just the way they are. I'm not really worried about that right now. I'm planning on visiting the school soon and seeing what they have to offer and go from there."

Shuler doesn't have a date set for a visit to Notre Dame at this point, but he may hitch a ride with Savon Huggins, who will be at Notre Dame on June 29.

Shuler doesn't have any summer travel plans set in stone, but he may end up at Penn State on today.

"I don't have anything scheduled at this point," he said. "I might go up to Penn State on Wednesday with one of my coaches, so we'll see what happens with that. I'm just going up there for an unofficial. I'm not 100 percent sure on that though.

"I want to see as many schools as possible this summer, but I also want to be with my teammates and be there to support them. I just need to balance it out. I do want to see as many schools as possible this summer though, no doubt about that."

Mikes does plan to sit down with his dad to narrow his list of schools down to 15 this week. Then, just prior to the start of his season he should have a good idea of which schools he intends to visit officially. At this point, he is fairly certain two schools will receive official visits.

"I'm looking at Florida and Stanford," he said. "That's all I'm looking at for official visits so far. I know there are other schools I'll take official visits to, but so far that's it." Top Stories