Brown Wants to Visit ND

Cornerback is a recruiting priority for Notre Dame heading into 2011. The Irish have secured a commitment from Matthias Farley, but they need to land another. Jalen Brown from MacArthur High School (Irving, Texas) is one of Notre Dame's top recruiting targets at the position and he's talking about visiting South Bend.

Jalen Brown (6-foot-0, 170-pounds) isn't going to commit to a date for a trip to Notre Dame this summer, but it's apparent that he's still very interested in the Irish.

"I'll like to get up there pretty soon," Brown said. "I've been taking to coach Cooks about coming up there. I really want to go up there and see what Notre Dame has to offer, because I know it's a pretty good school. I like coach Cooks a lot, and I've talked to some other coaches and I like them a lot. I've been looking at the Notre Dame website and checking out the school and checking out all the accomplishments that they have. As of right now I want to see what the school has in person and get on campus.

Brown recently added Texas Tech to his offer sheet that includes Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Purdue, Rice, Texas A&M, Iowa State and Minnesota.

"I haven't narrowed it down yet," Brown explained. "There are a lot of schools out there that I'm considering and I want to keep my options open until I find the school that I like the most."

Being in the heart of Big 12 country, Brown has a unique perspective about the recent conference realignment and it's affect on recruiting.

"I didn't like Nebraska going to the Big 10," he said. "I think they should have stayed in the Big 12. Honestly, I think it would have been better for the conference overall. I think it will change a lot of things up.

"A lot of recruits in this area will change their minds about where they want to play at. They'll think about how far that they'll end up playing from home and their families. I think it will play a petty big role with some of the recruits. I think it will hurt some of the schools a little bit.

"I think it(Big 12) will split up in a couple years, because I think team will want to get more money and want to get more exposure. Maybe some of the smaller schools will want to go to other conferences. So, I think it will split up in a couple more years.

Notre Dame has tried to stay above the fray, and Brown supports the Irish in their quest to remain as an independent.

"I like the idea of Notre Dame not having a conference, because it gives them an opportunity to play better completion," Brown said. "You want to play the best teams if you want to be the best team. I like the idea of being an independent and Notre Dame has the credibility to stay independent." Top Stories