Unofficial Visit Makes Impact

Savon Huggins is one of the top running back prospects in the nation and the Irish hope to be on his list of favorites. The standout running back from St. Peters Preparatory School (Jersey City, N.J.) made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame on Tuesday and he saw what he needed.

Savon Huggins(5-foot-11, 198-pounds) had a pretty good idea of what to expect from Notre Dame heading into the visit his unofficial visit on Tuesday. During his brief stay it appears that the Irish met his expectations.

"It was good I enjoyed it a lot," Huggins said. "I talked to every single coach, I spoke to a lot of the players, and I talked to the AD (Jack Swarbrick). I pretty much enjoyed it. I hung out with the coaches all day and learned a lot.

"It was what I expected. I just needed to see it for myself. I saw everything. It's just like my school in terms of the people, the academics and campus life. It's not a real big campus. Things are pretty close together which is like at Prep.

"In terms of football and the running back situation, I liked it," he said. "I like what the running backs are doing. When I talked to the running backs they like the school a lot, and not just the football program. Notre Dame wants you to become a man when you come out and that's what I like."

A running back of Savon's caliber wants to get the ball as many times as possible. With Brian Kelly bringing in his spread offense to South Bend, Huggins had some concerns about how he would be utilized at Notre Dame.

"That was my main issue, and what I was trying to figure out," Huggins said. "I think they explained it well, and they want to get me the ball in many different way and they want me to be very versatile. Not just a running back that carries the ball all the time, but blocks, catches the ball five times a game. They want me to be a complete back and that's what I like.

"They told me that I'd get 20-25 carries, get the ball out of the backfield and do some blocking as well. They want me to be the feature back for them. They showed me film from Cincinnati and a lot of practice film as well. They do a lot of the zone schemes that we do at my school. They're looking for the premiere package and they know that I can step up to the table."

Another question most recruits have in the back of their minds is whether Brian Kelly will be able to turn the Notre Dame football program into a program that will consistently challenge for a national title.

"If you look at coach Kelly's history, he's always won," Huggins explained. "In three years at Cincinnati he won 10,11, and 12 games. He won the Big East two years in a row. He went to two BCS games in a row. That right there tells you that there's no transition period, there's no down period. They're ready to rock and roll right now. He expects to win at least 10 games this year and that's what I like about his attitude. Everybody on the team expects to win at least 10 games too."

Notre Dame appears to have made a strong impression on Huggins, but it does appear that they have work to do in order to catch the in-state program.

"Rutgers is my home school, and I have a very good relationship with the coaching staff," he said. "They're at home and I have a great relationship with the coaches, because I've know them so long.

"You can't count out Notre Dame, or any other school, because they didn't recruit me until after my freshman year. Rutgers does have the upper hand because I've known them so long, but it doesn't count anybody else out. People are going to say that (I'm going to Rutgers), but at the end of the day, it's my decision.

"Rutgers is in my top-ten and I still have nine spots to fill. I have a lot of thinking still to do. I'll find out what my top-ten is and I'll let everyone know," he added.

Huggins will be visiting Pitt on Wednesday and then his final unofficial visit will be to Florida, the first week of August. Top Stories