Closer May Be Better

Defensive back Chris Jones from Minor High School (Adamsville, Ala.) made the long trek to South Bend (Ind.) to get a look at the Notre Dame campus and to work out for the coaches at the Irish summer football camp.

Chris Jones(5-foot-10, 175-pounds) wasn't sure what to expect heading into his three-day visit to Notre Dame this week, but one thing he knew, it would be a little different than what he was used to in Alabama.

"Yes, way different," Jones said of Notre Dame. "The people and everything, just being from down South it would take some adjusting to the accents and personalities. That's about it. The visit was good, but you can't really tell in three days.

"They took me on a tour. They showed me the church, the stadium, Touchdown Jesus, all the traditional things. It was pretty cool.

"I met Lo Wood, T.J. (Tai-ler Jones) and most of the freshmen that just got there," he said. "There wasn't really too much talk about football. We just talked about different things really and not much about football."

Jones had high praise for Notre Dame assistant coaches Tony Alford and Chuck Martin, as well as all the Notre Dame players that he met, but in the end, he's a little unsure if he could spend four years in South Bend.

"I'm not going to say that they jumped too far, but Notre Dame is a good school," Jones replied when asked if the Irish pulled even with his early favorites Alabama and Auburn. "Being far away from home is a little different. It's about 13 hours away from home, so that would be really different. Probably closer to home is where I'm looking at going. I'm not moving them out of the process though." Top Stories