Ely Waiting On All Options

Notre Dame is searching for a quarterback for the 2011 recruiting class and they may have found one. Phillip Ely of Plant Senior High school (Tampa, Fla.) turned in an impressive performance at the Notre Dame football camp on Wednesday and now he's waiting to hear back from the Irish coaching staff.

Phillip Ely (6-foot-1, 195-pounds) comes from one of the top football programs in the state of Florida and he showed up at the Notre Dame hoping to land a scholarship offer from the Irish coaching staff.

"I met with the coaches after their camp on Tuesday night," Ely said. "I we mostly hung out with coach Alford. He told us what we'd do the next day. I got to see a couple of the players as well. I had been there (Notre Dame) at the end of May, so I had already taken a tour of campus.

"The camp is something that I wanted to do. We planned this a couple weeks ahead of time. I've been on a whirlwind tour and we thought we could get in the last day of camp at Notre Dame."

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Charley Molnar has been working overtime to find a quarterback that he thinks can make a difference at Notre Dame. On Wednesday he paid particular attention to Ely.

"I think it went great," Phillip explained. "I met with coach Molnar, and hung out with coach Alford a lot. I got to throw around with some receivers. It was cool. We got to watch some film with coach Molnar and that was pretty much it.

"(Coach Molnar liked) my size. I've gotten a little bigger. I think the main thing was that he watched my junior film. Having me come up and throw showed that I had gotten a lot better. He said that I'm nowhere near where I was. I just got a lot better over spring, and got a lot stronger. The ball kind of pops out of my hands. I think it was good to go up there and it gave him another chance to evaluate me.

"Coach Molnar let me know where I stand," he said. "Coming up today definitely helped in his evaluation of me. I just have to wait to hear from him in the next couple weeks. He has to see what coach Kelly thinks. Coach Molnar is going to give him his opinion and we'll see where it goes."

Ely has around 28 scholarship offers, and waiting to see if he earn offers while camping at Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. If the Irish decide to offer Ely, they would jump right in the mix.

"Notre Dame is a special place," he said. "There is no other place like it. There's such great tradition there and you get the best of both worlds. You get a great football program and one of the elite academic schools in the nation. It was a school that I had to check out. It's a school that I could definitely see myself there. I liked it right when on stepped foot on the campus last time when I was there. I definitely want to see if I can throw Notre Dame in the mix.

"They play great football. If you name all the top schools in the nation, Notre Dame is definitely there. Thinking realistically at all the offers I have on my plate, and if they pull the trigger with an offer, it's definitely something I'll have to consider. It would definitely be a hard school to eliminate."

And it won't be long before Ely will begin to trim his list of schools down.

"At the end of today,(Wednesday) it ended all the trips that I'm going to take," Ely said. "I'd like to have something done by the end of July. I'm a mid-year guy, so I have to get my decision out. I have to get everything narrowed down and get something manageable that I can work with, but I have to get all of my options first. Notre Dame isn't an option for me right now, but if they pull the trigger they will be. I have to wait until all my chips are in and then I'll start narrowing things down."

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