"They Had Me"

Matthias Farley wasn't well known early in the recruiting process, but once he received his scholarship offer from Notre Dame, that all changed. It didn't take the cornerback from Charlotte Christian School (Charlotte, N.C.) long to accept the Irish offer and he hasn't looked back.

Shortly after receiving his scholarship offer from Notre Dame and accepting it, Matthias Farley (6-foot-1, 185-pounds) was walking around wondering if everything that was happening to him was indeed happening.

"It was surreal. I play football for one year and not only do I have one offer, but I have a school like Notre Dame on me," Farley recalled. "I used to be so wound up. I wanted to believe that it was happening, but at the same time I was looking around for Ashton Kutcher, because I thought I was being ‘Punk'd'.

"I've kind of settle in and now I can concentrate on what I need to do in order to get better. It's a very relaxing feeling going into the season knowing where I'm going to be playing after this year. I'm definitely as excited as I was when I committed, but it's focused me in a lot of ways football-wise and non football-wise."

Other schools have tried to get back in with Farley since he committed to Notre Dame, but Matthias doesn't have any plans to explore those options. He understands that coaches have a job to do, but he'd prefer not to waste their time or his.

"My brother told me if you step on campus and you get ‘that' feeling, that's where you're going to be. No matter where else you visit, that's where you're going to be," Farley explained. "When I went on my unofficial visit to Notre Dame, I stepped on campus and said ‘Oh crap, they got me.'

"It's an electrifying feeling when you're there. Academically it's one of the best schools in the country, so you'd be hard pressed to find a better school overall in terms of a football atmosphere, a place to play and a place to learn.

"Other schools have contacted me," he said. "But I figure, why waste a coach's time when they could spend their time recruiting a guy that they'd have a chance at. I know college recruiting is a business, but I feel once you give your word, you keep your word. I've never thought about de-committing because something looked better. That's not how I roll."

With recruiting behind him, Farley has spent most of his summer working out with his teammates and improving his technique at cornerback. Farley admits that he still has a ways to go before he's ready for Notre Dame, but the advice he's receiving from one of his high school coaches is invaluable.

"We've stayed pretty active with the 7-on-7s this summer," Farley said. "We're competing well. It's good work for everybody. When we play some of our conference teams, the ball will barely come to my side; not because I'm Darrelle Revis and I'm locking down the whole side, but more because they'll just want to test the other side first.

"I'm not a great corner yet, but I've gotten a lot better this summer. I still have a ton of stuff to learn, but working with Eugene Robinson (former NFL defensive back) has helped a lot. He wants me to be the best that I can be and having someone that knows everything you could possibly know about the tiny stuff that you need to know, is an asset that can't put a price on."

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