Top linebacker prospect hopes to hear from Irish

Orlando, FL linebacker prospect Brandon Siler is just getting used to the recruiting process. The 6-3, 220-pound linebacker should be one of the top targets in the country and has received three offers thus far. He is hoping to hear from Notre Dame in the near future.

Brandon Siler is not sure on his stats last year. "I really don't know what they were. I played some linebacker and some defensive end. I am the heart of the defense so they use me in a lot of different positions. I will probably play both positions again this year. I blitz a lot and they use me on stunts a lot. I am also going to play running back this year. I played tight end last year and they want to get the ball in my hands more this year."

College coaches have taken notice of Siler. "I have some offers so far," he said. "Southern California, South Carolina and Central Florida have offered me. I am getting a lot of letters from almost all the top programs in the country."

One school that Siler hasn't heard from yet is Notre Dame. "I haven't heard from them yet. I would be interested in them. I hope to hear from them. I grew up watching them play football so hopefully they will be something to look at."

Siler also takes his education very seriously. "I have a 3.6 core g.p.a. and I scored a 1000 on my S.A.T. as a sophomore."

The star linebacker hasn't really given recruiting much thought at this point but he knows what will be important to him. "I think one of the important factors will be what role they want to use me in. I want to play right away. Education is very important and I will look at that. The location of the schools is not a big deal. I think the coaches and how they plan to use me will be important."

Siler hasn't begun to narrow his list yet and is surprised by all of the attention so far. "I don't know much about recruiting," he said. "I don't know the rules yet but I am having fun with it so far. I will probably attend the Nike camp in Gainsville but that will be about it for camps. I am pretty open right now to most schools. I want to play for a big program because I know I can play at that level. I really don't have any leaders at this point. I will just wait and see how interested each school is in me before I can name some leaders."

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Brandon obviously has the grades to get into Notre Dame. He would fit in well at Notre Dame. I am sure the staff will be getting in touch with Brandon very soon. I have heard he will be a top prospect and one of the best linebackers in the country. I think he will have an interest in Notre Dame if the staff shows interest him him. Top Stories