Abraham likes Irish

Notre Dame will be searching the country for top offensive line prospects this year. Brian Abraham from Rancho Cucamonga, CA will likely be one of their top targets. The 6-6, 260-pound tackle prospect is considered one of the top offensive linemen on the West Coast and he is very interested in Notre Dame.

Brian Abraham hasn't received any offers thus far but quite a few teams have been interested. "I don't have any offers yet," he said. "I am getting a lot of letters from the Pac 10 schools and some in the Midwest. USC, UCLA, Stanford, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, some Ivy League schools. That is some of them."

Abraham said he he hasn't set his camp plans yet. "I will probably go to USC camp. I will go to another camp but I am not sure which camp that will be yet. I haven't attended any football camps in the past. I also plan to go to the Nike Camp this year."

The big linemen also has an idea of what will be important to him. "I think academics will be the most important thing. I won't mind leaving California to go to school and I want to go to a good program."

So has Abraham heard from Notre Dame? "I haven't heard from them yet. My family is probably the biggest Notre Dame fans in the world. I would love to go there but I am also interested in a lot of schools."

Abraham is set with his core g.p.a. with a 3.2 but hasn't taken the test yet. I am sure he will qualify.

The recruiting process has been kind of a surprise to Abraham. "I didn't know it would start this early. It's been kind of weird but I enjoy the calls. My coach keeps getting calls from schools wanting me to attend their camp. It's kind of flattering really." Abraham said he plans to attend a spring practice at USC soon.

Comments. The comments section are my thoughts and not the thoughts of the prospect.

Abraham should qualify no problem. I am sure the Irish staff will be in contact with him very soon. He will be one of the top offensive line prospects in Pac 10 country next year. He is a big Irish fan and it appears the family will be helpful. The first step will be to get him to attend camp. I will keep following Brian. He is a ND kid.

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