One More Look

Aaron Lynch will make his second unofficial visit to Notre Dame this weekend. The standout athlete from Island Coast High School (Cape Coral, Fla.) is expected to announce his college decision shortly after he leaves campus, so Notre Dame will be the last school to make its pitch.

Aaron Lynch (6-foot-6, 245-pounds) has had a chance to visit Florida once and Florida State twice over the past month, and now the Irish will get their chance to make this case. Lynch is comfortable with most aspects of Notre Dame, but he does want to have a few things verified while he is one campus so that he can make the most informed decision.

"I want to get up there to talk to the admissions people and see if my g.p.a. and stuff are good enough, so I don't have any doubts about Notre Dame," Lynch said. "I did everything when I was up there the first time. I met with the players, talked to the coaches about the schemes and how I'd fit in with the defense, but I didn't get everything I wanted from admissions, so I want to do that on this trip.

"I know that in order to get into Notre Dame that you need to be really smart. You need to have a really high ACT score and g.p.a. I have the ACT score and I have the g.p.a., but I just want to know for sure, if I'll pass admissions. They said I'd be fine, but I want to make 100 percent certain that of it."

Once Lynch gets a chance to speak with admissions, he'd like to get a chance to speak with the defensive staff in order to get additional information about how he would fit into their defense.

"I want to sit down with the defensive coaches and learn more about the schemes of the defense," Aaron explained. "I also want to meet the strength guy, because I know that I'll be around him more than all of the other coaches."

Aaron's mother will be accompanying him on his visit to Notre Dame. He has stated that he would like to announce his decision shortly after his visit. Lynch recently eliminated Florida from consideration and will choose between Florida State and Notre Dame. Top Stories