Fantastic Four

Aaron Lynch from Island Coast High School (Cape Coral, Fla.) committed to Notre Dame becoming the 16th verbal commitment for the Irish. Lynch is the fourth player in the past 24 hours to commit to the University and head coach Brian Kelly.

Aaron Lynch (6-foot-6, 260-pounds) made a lot of Notre Dame fans happy when he announced for the Irish this morning. While there were many aspects that Lynch appreciated about the Notre Dame football program, a couple stood out.

"One of the reasons I committed to Notre Dame was the coaches and the players," Lynch said. "All the coaches are great people and they make you feel loved and they make you feel that you're already part of the team. Like you're a priority, which is great.

"Another reason is that they have great academics, so I know I'll have a great education if I don't make it to the next level. I know that I'll come out and be able to get a job. I know I'll be successful if I graduate from Notre Dame."

Notre Dame will be playing a ‘3-4' defense under Bob Diaco and Lynch feels it will be a good fit for him.

"Everybody says that because I'm already 6-foot-6, 260-pounds that I'm more of a ‘4-3' guy," Lynch said. "But what I see is that I'll be able to play in any defense.

"Notre Dame also said that their ‘3-4' isn't a regular ‘3-4' defense. They told me that they move everyone around. I'm an athlete, so I think I can play all the ‘techniques' on the line, so I can play in any defense, not just the ‘4-3' defense."

Lynch elaborated on the comfort level he felt with his soon-to-be teammates.

"Let me tell you that Manti (Te'o) is the funniest kid you'll meet in your life," Lynch said. "He makes you laugh and he makes you feel like you're part of your squad already. I met a lot of the guys, and they're all great guys.

"I've been talking to (Jordan) Prestwood, Brad Carrico, Jarrett Grace and all the other guys that were already committed and they're all great people."

Lynch will graduate early and enroll at Notre Dame in January.

"I want to get an early start and adjust to college football in the spring," he said. "I want to have the chance to start as a true freshman."

As for the rumors that Lynch's heart was elsewhere in recent weeks?

"They were never out of it, never," Lynch said of the Irish during his recruitment. "I wasn't committed to anybody. There was a time after I went to Florida State that I felt good about them but after a couple days I decided that Notre Dame was the best spot for me." Top Stories