Breaking Down Zeke Pike

With his first varsity start at quarterback, 2012 prospect Zeke Pike may not have set the stat sheet on fire, but what he did do was show the skill set that made some of the biggest programs in college football to issue the Kentucky signal caller an early verbal scholarship offer. What did we see from Pike? Check it out for yourself.

For Zeke Pike of Ft Mitchell (KY) Dixie Heights, the start of the 2010 high school football season is one that he's been waiting for. While Pike is a veteran (starts at linebacker) he had never entered a season at the varsity level as his team's starting quarterback. Here is a breakdown on what we saw on Friday night.

The first thing I look for in quarterback play is arm strength. For Zeke Pike this is no problem as he has a very strong arm with a solid quick release and follows through on most passes. On several plays receivers dropped catchable balls that would have helped Pike have a better statistical day.

But his balls are catchable and arrive with good velocity and a tight spiral in a position for receivers to make the catch. Pike can throw all the routes and does not muscle the ball with his body to get it there. In this game it looked as if Pike had a few receivers still adjusting to the speed of his passes as several came off their hands.

Zeke Pike
Dave Berk,
Pike looks like a star quarterback in the making with the way he handles himself in and out of the huddle. While he still has work to do in his judgment and decision-making, you can see that he's got good field vision. The problem for Pike at this time is he knows he's fully capable of doing a lot on the field. This places him in spots where he tries to make things happen instead of allowing the game to come to him.

While Pike stands 6-foot-5, he has no problem escaping a rush and moving the pocket to avoid pressure. He has above average scrambling abilities and can roll left and right throwing a high velocity pass without having his feet set.

In this game you could see Pike still is a work in progress in finding the right touch especially on deep routes and will need to continue working on getting set to deliver the ball.

While Zeke Pike has all the tools to be a major quarterback, his overall athletic ability is what makes him a prospect you know is safe and one that will have more schools recruit him.

Pike played both ways in Friday night's game in temperatures in the low 90's. He is just as good as a linebacker/defensive end prospect as he is a quarterback and the play that stood out on the night didn't find Pike throwing the ball.

On a handoff, Pike watched as his running back went right only to find no running lane. With a quick cutback to the left, Pike got out in front of his back and made the key block in a long touchdown run. The block did not find Pike just getting his body in the way. Instead, he showed great balance and got himself in the right position to lock up the defender to free the running back.

That play said more about Pike's ability and desire to play the game than any pass he threw on the night.

There is still work that needs to be done, but overall Zeke Pike is working towards being one of the best quarterback prospects in the Class of 2012. Top Stories