Top Florida Quarterback Likes Irish

<P>Notre Dame has signed two quality quarterbacks in the past two years but expect them to sign one more this year. One prospect the Irish might be after is Land O' Lakes high school prospect Drew Weatherford. The Florida quarterback had an impressive junior season and college coaches are taking notice. </P>

Drew Weatherford had a fine junior season. The strong-armed quarterback threw for 2,645 yards, 39 touchdowns with only six interceptions and completed 65 percent of his passes. The 6-3, 205-pound quarterback should be one of the top quarterbacks in the country. Many top schools are starting to show interest in Weatherford.

Weatherford comes from a big family. "We have six boys and two girls in my family. I am the 4th child so I am in the middle. They have been giving me a hard time about this."

Weatherfod has received a few offers so far. "The first school was Auburn University. That was my sophomore year at a camp. Minnesota, South Florida and Louisville have also offered so far."

Many more schools are interested. "I am not sure how many letters I get a day but it's a lot. Florida, Florida State, Miami, Auburn, Notre Dame, Arizona State, Georgia, pretty much everybody."

The Florida quarterback grew up a Florida State fan and he explained why he loves Florida State. "I love Bobby Bowden and the coaching staff. He has the same religious beliefs that I have. You are either a Florida or Florida State fan around here. I love Mickey Andrews. I was a big Charlie Ward fan. Actually, I just threw with Casey Weldon today."

So do other teams have much of a chance if Florida State offers Weatherford? "I am going to wait and just see how everything pans out. There are so many good schools and so many good coaches and football programs. I plan to weigh out all my options and talk to my friends and family and just how everything goes."

The other teams who do have a shot right now will have to make up some ground. Weatherford does have a list of other schools he is interested in. "Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, Penn State and Texas. I am from Texas actually and my Father and Grandfather played for SMU."

Weatherford does have some camps plans this year. "I will be going to the Nike Camp in Gainsville this year. I will go to the Florida State camp. I will probably go to the Auburn senior camp and I am not sure on the others. I want to wait until spring to see who is interested and then I can cut down my list. Hopefully if I do well at the Nike Camp, I will be able to go to the Elite Eleven camp in California."

Weatherford has his academics in order as well. "My core g.p.a. is between 3.5 and 3.6, I am not sure. I take the test the 5th of next month."

The NFL is always a dream for top prospects and Weatherford is no exception. He does have his eyes on the NFL but also knows that he might not make it. "I hope to make the NFL some day but I realize that might not happen. It has always been a dream of mine. Academics will play an important role in my decision in case that doesn't work out. The area will be important. I am not afraid to go away for school. I will go where I feel the most comfortable. I want to feel comfortable with the coaching staff and I want the chance to play for a National Championship."

Weatherford took the time to talk to me about some of his top schools. Here is what he had to say.

About Miami: "They have had some great teams. It's in Florida, Ken Dorsey had a great career so they can coach quarterbacks. They have been in the National Championship game the last two years and have won one. That speaks for itself. The area is great, Miami is a great place."

About Auburn: "I went to the camp up there and it was a four day camp. I felt really comfortable there. I met a lot of people and I had a really good time. I just felt really comfortable and felt really at home and I could see myself being there."

About Notre Dame: "Tradition. A lot of people say I could go to South Florida and I could start but I don't want to do that. I want to be a part of carrying on a tradition. My sister lives in Warsaw Indiana and we went up there to visit and I loved it. We were down at the Florida State game this year and their fans were just awesome. I really like Coach Willingham and what he is doing with the program. Just the way he carries himself. He seems like a guy that I would like to follow and let him lead me."

Weatherford doesn't plan to make a decision soon. "I want to take my five visits. I am thinking about visiting schools during the season. I have never been to a school like Notre Dame for a game and I want to be in that atmosphere because I think it would be awesome. I will take all my visits but I am not sure I will wait until signing day to decide."

Comments. Drew is a class A kid. He fits the Notre Dame mold perfectly. I am not sure how interested Notre Dame is at this time but he did say that Notre Dame has been writing him regularly. We will watch Drew and see how interested the Irish staff will be in him. He is a great kid and would fit in very well at Notre Dame. Top Stories