Purdue Review: Five Answers

Prior to Purdue, we asked Five Questions, now with the Irish victories over Purdue we look at the answers.

The Brian Kelly ear officially started with a victory over instate rival Purdue, we had Five Questions going into the game, now we look at each of the questions and give our answers.

#1 – Is Dayne Crist healthy and does he understand enough of the offense to have a successful game?

Answer: For the day, Dayne Crist passed for 205 yards hitting on 19-of-26 attempts with one touchdown and no interceptions. Looking back over first time starters for Brian Kelly over the previous three seasons, you will find that Crist held his own. While it was not as huge as a stat day as others the competition was better than SE Missouri State, Miami Ohio, or Marshall. Crist will continue to pick up the finer pieces of the offense and show continued growth.

#2 – How will the changes in Brian Kelly's staff affect his game management?

This was a question I was interested in seeing the outcome of. After going back over the game I came away feeling there was no affect to game management and this is a positive sign. As Irish fans will learn, Brian Kelly is always organized and knows what is going to happen prior to it happening. Practices are used to work on all phases of the game, I am sure Kelly, and his staff had a dry run prior to the opener.

#3 – How far has Bob Diaco progressed with the Irish defense?

I really liked what was shown on the defense. The third quarter had them on the field longer than I would have liked to have seen, but giving up only one rushing touchdown and having two interceptions showed the progress one would want to see in the first game of the season.

#4 – Who will score the first TD in the Brian Kelly era?

As we showed in the article, running backs scored the first touchdown of the season twice out of the past three years. Now add Armando Allen to that list of running backs to score the first touchdown of the season. The only difference was Allen scored on a 22-yard run while the others only rushed for 2-yard scores.

#5 – What type of score should Irish fans expect?

Over the past three seasons Brian Kelly's teams have scored on average just over 48 points a game. During those three games only Rutgers could be called an equal opponent on par with Purdue. While the score should have been a little more, putting up 23 points was good enough for the win.

Up next is Michigan and we‘ll be back with Five Questions later in the week.

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