2012 Recruiting: A Number's Game

It's time for another look at the 2012 recruiting class for Ohio State, which currently has three commitments, Kyle Kalis (pictured), Josh Perry and Warren Ball. There are a few in-state juniors with offers, and several others could be close to being offered. What will the final number end up being, and who could be in this class? Bill Greene takes a look.

The 2012 Ohio State recruiting class is off to a fast start, always a great indicator for how the Buckeyes might end up being ranked come National Signing Day of 2012.

The main point of interest is the fact that there are so many worthy in-state candidates, but this class will be small in number, with only 13 spots available at this time.

What will the final number end up, and who are the likely candidates? Let's break it down by position group, and each side of the football.

For discussion purposes, let's be conservative, and go with 17 as the final number, knowing full well it could be higher, with much dependent on the future of both Duron Carter and Keith Wells.


Quarterback: 0.

Much depends on what they end up doing with Cardale Jones, who I feel is a FAR better option than any of the 2012 prospects. If Cardale gets in, there will be no need to take one in 2012.

Tailback: 2.

Warren Ball. Already in the hopper, and this was the one Ohio State chased after his ultra-impressive camp performance.

Brionte Dunn. The "hot" prospect in Ohio, and he received a Buckeye offer last week. He should be in the S&G hopper before too long.

Rushel Shell. Does he have an offer? Are their grade and/or character issues? What if he wants to commit? If everything checks out affirmative, there's just no way to turn down this type of talent. But adding Shell cuts out another spot.

Wide Receiver: 1 or maybe 0, with all the young talent on the roster.

Dorial Green-Beckham. No reason to think he's interested in Ohio State, but he has an offer. If he wants in, he's IN. Thank you.

Corey Smith. The Akron Buchtel prospects is good, but is he good enough? Been to camp and impressed. Has BCS offers.

Tres Barksdale. The Solon star is a good one, but there are questions about his speed.

Monty Madaris. I probably like him slightly better than the above two, but it's close.

Cameron Wilson. An impressive athlete, but in the same category as the in-state players listed above.

Offensive Line: 4.

Kyle Kalis. The best offensive lineman in Ohio today, regardless of class. Nowhere near his potential either, and he might be a better tackle prospect than Alex Boone at the same age.

Abraham Garcia. "Nacho" is one of Florida's finest, and I do not see him staying in-state. Received an offer from LSU last week, and they must be considered the favorite, but you have to recruit him.

Jordan Diamond. Probably a fairly heavy Michigan lean, but like the Nacho Man, you have to chase Diamond until the end, because he is highly skilled.

Taylor Decker. If he was graduating one year earlier, he would probably have an offer. What works in his favor is the fact that Ohio State needs tackles, not guards in this class.

Jacoby Boren. I've seen him live, and I have reviewed his sophomore film. He's pretty impressive, and you know what you get taking a Boren. I can see him in this class.

Anthony Stanko. How do you pass on this kid? Yes, he's a guard, but he is Ohio State quality. Could end up being a number's casualty, but he projects as a starter some day. I like him better than several on the roster, and a few coming in for 2011.

Zach Higgins. See above comments. I like Stanko better than Higgins, but not by miles, more like inches.

Ryan Anderson. I believe he's one heck of a player, but a cut below Stanko and Higgins. An offer to Anderson would not shock me though, because he's a road-grader with excellent grades.

Tight End: 0.

Tanner Kearns. Taking Nick Vannett and Jeff Heuerman in 2010 probably makes tight end a pass for 2012, but Kearns fits with those two talent-wise.


Defensive line: 4, but how do you not take 5?

LaTroy Lewis. Possibly the most surprising offer to date, and only surprising because of the others that haven't yet been offered. Maybe the best pure pass-rusher of the group.

Greg McMullen. Offered last summer, and that was certainly no surprise. Like his teammate Lewis, he is considered a huge Buckeye lean. Easy to envision both in the win column for Ohio State.

Chris Wormley. As of last week, he had not received an Ohio State offer, and I see no way he doesn't end up with one. A tossup between Ohio State and Michigan, with the Wolverines possibly leading slightly.

Adolphus Washington. Another super prospect, but without an Ohio State offer. Like Wormley, it's hard to see him not getting one, but unlike the Whitmer star, it is also hard to not see Washington in this class when all is said and done.

Se'Von Pittman. No offer yet, and he could be the odd man out, or he could be offered tomorrow. Might they want a better read on Wormley before offering the Canton McKinley star?

Tom Strobel. In any other year, he is an early-offer type of prospect, but this is an extraordinary year. Strobel will play BCS football at a high level for someone, and he's clearly talented enough for Ohio State.

Dan O'Brien. The only pure tackle in the group, and he certainly fits the mold of what Ohio State puts on the field. Is there room?

Linebacker: 2.

Kaleb Ringer. Certainly a position of need, and a no-doubt talent. The only question might be height, but Ohio State starts a linebacker shorter than Ringer every Saturday.

Josh Perry. Already in the bag, and a player who wowed the Buckeye summer camp with his overall athletic ability.

Deaysean Rippy. Fantastic talent, and a Miami-game visitor. Holds a Buckeye offer, and a kid you recruit until the fax comes through on Signing Day.

James Ross. No offer yet, but he has been to a game before and had a fine camp showing. Great kid, great talent, but a possible Michigan lean.

Derek David. A self-titled soft commit to Texas Tech, and reports a Buckeye offer. When/if he visits, he could be one to watch out for.

Royce Jenkins-Stone. Another superb athlete out of Michigan, but without a Buckeye offer. Was at camp and showed well.

Defensive back: 3.

Stefon Diggs. The Maryland star athlete is the best 2012 prospect I've seen in person this season. Totally dominated Cincinnati St. Xavier from wide receiver, defensive back, and kick returner. Stud.

Bam Bradley. No offer yet, but it's unimaginable to think he won't be offered. Great athlete and student. Hard to not see him in this class.

Allen Gant. I've admired his talent since I watched him help lead his team to the state title as a freshman. Saw him live a few weeks ago, and his talent level is impressive. Another great student, and my sleeper pick for an offer.

DaShawn Hall. Probably projects as a linebacker at the next level. Had a fine start to the Ohio State summer camp, before an injury knocked him out. Was a Miami game visitor, and a teammate of Brionte Dunn.

Terry Richardson. Not ideal size, but a fine cover cornerback. Another top Michigan prospect, and a Miami game visitor. I could definitely see Richardson being offered.

Punter: 1. They need to get one in either 2011 or 2012.

There you have the players to watch, and it's easy to see why this would be a great class to take 25, but that's just not possible. The smaller numbers probably explain why they are being so cautious about extending verbal offers.

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