OSU's O-Line Play Still Up For Debate

There continues to be a debate within the Buckeye Nation regarding the play of Ohio State's offensive line so far this season. We'll take a look at the debate along with the regular weekly features: OSU-Illinois Tidbits, This Week In College Football History, news and notes from Around The Country and the white-hot Fearless Forecast.

There is a squabble currently raging within the Buckeye Nation, one that has been going on in one form or another for quite some time.

The debate involves the performance of the offensive line and battle lines seem to have been drawn between two distinct camps. One party believes the Buckeyes are the third-highest scoring attack in the nation because of the offensive line; the other thinks the team has achieved that lofty ranking despite some line play that can best be described as average.

I received more than my usual share of poison pen letters following last week's blog in which I offered grades for each of the individual positions through the first quarter of the season. Most of the more pungent feedback I received took special exception to the C+ grade I gave the offensive line.

How could I downgrade the unit when the Buckeyes were purring along with three-game averages of 41.3 points and 460.7 yards? My reasoning for the middling grade was because I was expecting a little more out of a unit regarded by many as one of the finest offensive lines at Ohio State in several years.

I was looking for dominance, especially in games against such outmanned opposition as Marshall and Ohio. Perhaps I'm a little guilty of advancing age but I not only expect Ohio State to control the line of scrimmage against weaker opponents, I expect the Buckeyes to thoroughly dominate teams like the Thundering Herd and Bobcats.

As it turned out, I wasn't alone in that evaluation.

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