5 Answers: Indiana at Ohio State

Ohio State downed Indiana 38-10 on Saturday in a game that had us wondering what would happen with the quarterback of the Buckeyes, the passing game of Indiana, both Ohio State lines and the return men on both sides.

1. What will Terrelle Pryor be able to do?

Ohio State's junior quarterback said his strained left quad had him playing at 80-90 percent, but his arm certainly looked fine.

"I felt good," Pryor said after throwing for a career-high 334 yards and three touchdowns. "I'm human. I'm still in a tiny bit of pain, but at the same time it wasn't enough pain that I had to sit out or anything like that."

He threw 30 times but did not take off and run even once. The Buckeyes use zone-read play action a time or two, but there was rarely any hint he might do anything but throw. He was sacked three times and passed up a couple of opportunities to step up and run, but if he had any lack of mobility, it did not seem to hinder the offense.

"I just didn't really want to run the ball and you could tell that I didn't want to run the ball really," he said. "There were a bunch of times I stayed in and stared down the field and looked up and threw some good balls."

2. How will the Ohio State secondary match up with the Indiana passing attack?

The Hoosiers came to town averaging 348.3 yards per game, a total that topped the Big Ten and was fourth in the nation, but they were completely shut down at the Horseshoe as the Buckeyes challenged them with a mix and match of coverage.

Quarterback Ben Chappell, who threw from a school-record 480 yards a week earlier against Michigan, had a miserable day against Ohio State. He completed 16 of 26 passes for 106 yards with a pair of interceptions.

"It's pretty crazy because watching film last week against Michigan it was thrown all over the place," OSU linebacker Ross Homan said. "Dink here and dunk there and big play here, so we came into the game thinking this was going to be a dog fight. He's one of the best quarterbacks we're going to face this year. They had a great offense overall, but we had a great scheme coming into the game."

Noticeably quiet was Indiana star Tandon Doss, who had only one catch for 12 yards.

3. Is this the week the Ohio State pass rush breaks out? The Buckeyes came away with no sacks to show for their efforts, but there is little doubt the Ohio State pass rushers had an effect on the game.

"Our goal was to disrupt the quarterback and affect the offensive line," defensive end Nathan Williams said.

They hurried Chappell regularly, forcing quick throws both by design and by necessity.

"That helps us a lot," cornerback Chimdi Chekwa said. "First and foremost, we expect it. That lets us get after the receivers. If they don't get there, that gives the quarterback a chance to sit back and make longer throws, give the receivers a chance to make double moves and such, so we expect the pressure.

"It gives him a split-second decision."

4. Can the Ohio State offensive line bounce back?

Coming off a rough outing at Illinois, the Ohio State offensive line looked better, but left guard Justin Boren said there is still work to do.

"I feel a lot better (than last week), but there are still some things we've got to fix," Boren said. "We're never satisfied with what we do, but technique-wise and overall performance-wise, I think we had a much better day."

As has been the case in more than one game earlier this season, Indiana was able to create confusion up front occasionally, leading to an unblocked pass rusher or run stopper.

That was the case on one of the three times Pryor was sacked. He seemed to scramble into another, and a third saw Boren and right tackle J.B. Shugarts both beaten when Indiana brought only four rushers.

5. Will someone make a difference in the return game?

The most impressive return of the day for either team was Jordan Hall's 19-yard punt return, but overall this was a wash.

Doss entered the week as the Big Ten's top kickoff returner, averaging 31.3 yards per return, but his longest of the day was 26 yards as the Ohio State coverage teams continued to improve.

Hall acknowledged feeling like he is close to breaking one.

"I'm waiting," he said. "It's got to happen soon. I hope it happens soon. Maybe next game."

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