Miller Discusses Buckeye Visit

Canton McKinley five-star defensive end Steve Miller was the second commit to the 2011 Ohio State recruiting class, making his decision approximately one year ago. Miller, and a few of his teammates, visited Ohio State last weekend to watch the Buckeyes defeat Indiana 38-10. Bill Greene caught up to the star defensive end to get his thoughts on his trip to Columbus.

Steve Miller was the second commit to the Ohio State 2011 recruiting class, pledging to the Buckeyes nearly one year ago. The Canton McKinley five-star defensive end visited Ohio State unofficially last weekend, bringing a few of his teammates along with him.

"It was great being back at Ohio State again," Miller said of his visit. "We had a lot of fun, because Se'Von Pittman and I wanted to go together and take a lot of our teammates with us. It was great having those guys with us, and letting them see the atmosphere at Ohio State. It was good for those guys to see how Ohio State runs their defense too, but mainly it was for them to have a fun time with us. I will be back later for my official visit, so this trip was all about my teammates, and not so much for me."

As one of the earlier commits to this class, Miller has had ample time to form close relationships with the Buckeye staff, something that gives him much satisfaction.

"It's always good seeing the Ohio State coaches, and I've gotten pretty close to them," he added. "Being comfortable with your next coach means everything to me, so I appreciate Coach (Jim) Heacock. He always pushed me to keep playing hard, and we talk about how well they're playing. I watch all the defensive linemen at Ohio State, to try to learn how they do things."

"When I get there, they said I might be playing in a stand-up position, and that will be an adjustment for me," Miller explained. "I play mostly with my hand down at McKinley, but I did stand up a little bit last year. I know they want me to be prepared to play both defensive end spots, but they've never specified strong or weak side to me."

Miller has previously stated he might want to take a few official visits, and he has the blessing of head coach Jim Tressel, but nothing has been scheduled at this time.

"I'm still thinking about it, and the coaches said it would be alright," Miller said of taking other visits. "I haven't set anything up with anyone else though. I'm not sure when I'll get back to Ohio State again, but I'm going to try to see the Penn State game."

There will be no early enrollment for Miller, and he has a good idea how he is going to spend his winter months, following the football season.

"I'm not going to be graduating early at all," he stressed. "I want to be around the team after the season is over, teaching the younger guys to take care of this program. I will be in the weight room working out, trying to get stronger for college. I'm going to use that time to make sure this program continues on this same path even though I won't be here."

"I'm not playing basketball anymore, so I'll be in the weight room," he continued. "I want to be around Se'Von (Pittman) and keep him focused, especially if he ends up coming to Ohio State, which is what we both want. It would be great for the two of us to be teammates at Ohio State."

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