Buckeyes To Make Most Of Open Week

Ohio State's players will get a rest during the open week, but there's no such time off for the Ohio State coaches, who are already out recruiting after Saturday's blowout win in Minnesota. Find out more about the Buckeyes' plans for the open week in this story including how Terrelle Pryor is going to use his time off.

The open week on the 2010 schedule provides a banged up Ohio State football team a chance to rest before its key November stretch against Penn State, Iowa and Michigan.

If Terrelle Pryor had his way, even the Buckeye coaching staff would have a chance to take some time off from a hectic schedule of long days and even longer nights.

"I think even the coaches, maybe they should have a couple of days off, too, because I know they're in here every morning at 6 o'clock," he said.

When informed of his star quarterback's thoughts, the look on head coach Jim Tressel's face said something along the lines of, "Fat chance."

"We could all go out golfing together," he cracked.

Instead, the coaches will spend much of the week out recruiting. After the team's return yesterday in the early afternoon from Minnesota, the open week plan sprung into place. In Columbus, that meant the players had to stop in only for treatment on Sunday before film study either Monday or Tuesday.

The coaches, in turn, were set to spend the time on the recruiting trail.

"On Monday, one side of the ball is going to be our recruiting – I forget which it is, defense I think – and so the offense is simply going to come in and watch the film with their kids, and then Tuesday the opposite will occur," Tressel said last week. "So Sunday-Monday-Tuesday, we won't do anything, Wednesday and Thursday we'll practice."

Pryor made it sound as though that time off would be enjoyed by a Buckeye team fighting off injuries. Linebacker Ross Homan continues to rehab a foot injury while Dorian Bell could get closer to playing time after suffering his second concussion of the year vs. Indiana on Oct. 9.

The rest would also help the rolled ankle Brian Rolle suffered during Saturday's 52-10 win against the Golden Gophers. On offense, the time off would surely come as a positive for right tackle J.B. Shugarts, who is fighting a chronic foot injury, and Pryor, who said that the rest would help the quadriceps muscle injury he suffered Oct. 2 at Illinois.

"I'd like to get my legs back a little bit," he said. "We have to cherish that moment. Even though you never not want to play football – you want to play football every week – there's times you need to get rest. I know we all need to get some rest and maybe sleep in a couple of days and be a little lazy for maybe a day or two, but after that we have to get back at it."

Pryor also said he and team members would get back to fundamental work during the week spent without game planning.

"I'm going to do some work out, get back to some of the technical, sound stuff like dropbacks and keeping the ball up high," he said. "Then Penn State will be coming in. We have to be crisp all together as a team and individually."

As for the coaches, Tressel had the schedule mapped out like a pro even though it's only the second open week the team has had in five seasons. He said he and his staff were looking forward to the chance to visit schools during the week.

"The toss up is going out to schools and having a chance to visit with guidance counselors and coaches and cafeteria workers and students and teachers," he said. "That's why Monday and Tuesday is a big deal for us next week. Friday will be a day we'll get to do that and maybe see a game but in terms of seeing it live, yeah, you like to see that."

By the end of the weekend – the first of the playoff season for Ohio schools – the Buckeye staff will likely have used the 42 evaluations they are able to use from Sept. 1 through the final Saturday in November per NCAA rules.

"If six of us go to one game, that's six," he explained. "All four defensive coaches will be out recruiting Monday so that'll count as four. The five offensive coaches will be out Thursday, that's five more. We used some early and had a coach or two go out – John Peterson went out one day when we had a later game at home and Nick Siciliano went out last Friday night.

"But I think we'll have about 16 points left, so that weekend we'll use probably all of them. You can send 10 out at a time, so probably 10 will get out one day and six the other or eight and eight or whatever."

And once that's over, it's back to the grind. A chance at a record-tying sixth straight Big Ten championship will await.

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