Scout Insider Chat Transcript: Brian Snow

Monday afternoon, fans of the Ohio State men's basketball team had a chance to chat with's newest staff member: Brian Snow. Among the topics discussed were this year's recruiting class, how the Buckeyes are doing on future recruits and just what happened with Anthony "Noopy" Crater. Read on for the full transcript.

drderm: Is Miller good enough to work Indiana as it is so fertile for it or should Boals be there?
Brian Snow: Absolutely Brandon Miller can work Indiana alone. First of all you don't want multiple coaches working the same area because then you can get wires crossed, and you bother the same coach with two guys calling from one staff. Not only that, but Miller is very well connected in the state, while Boals honestly doesn't know too many people there. There is no doubt that Miller is the guy in the state of Indiana for the Ohio State coaches and that he does an excellent job recruiting the area and getting Ohio State involved with numerous high level prospects.

fotownbuckeye Who starts at the point? Aaron Craft seems a no brainer.
Brian Snow If Brian Snow were the head coach, I would start Aaron Craft at the point and bring Dallas Lauderdale off the bench. Craft, William Buford, Jon Diebler, David Lighty, and Jared Sullinger would be my starting line up.

Since this is semi private what all happened in the scrimmage against Baylor
BrianSnow I don't know too much of what happened against Baylor. I do know Sullinger dominated, and that Craft also had a good showing. Also I am told OSU really beat the Bears pretty good. Sullinger did go for 40 though, that is 100 percent fact.

sklopr Does Thad Matta think he has a final 4 team on his hands?
BrianSnow It is tough to ever say a team is going to the final four because it takes a combination of luck, skill, and no injuries to get there. With that said I think this group has a chance, but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

MarcusHartmanBSB Do you think the Bengals will begin the resurrection of their season tonight? Ha j/k. Welcome aboard, B-Snow
BrianSnow Marcus I am scared for tonight... I hate the Stillers

tennbuck27 are our 6th, 7th, 8th guys going to see consistent minutes this year?
BrianSnow Using the starting lineup that Matta used on Sunday, I would think Craft, DeShaun Thomas, and Jordan Sibert will all find consistent minutes

travel1 How good are the guys coming in next year? Comparable to the group this year, minus Sully?
Brian Snow Honestly I am not quite as high on the 2011 class as some. I love Shannon Scott as a PG, and he will be an instant impact guy. My questions are with the wings. Sam Thompson is always hurt, and while an unreal natural talent, he doesn't always get a lot done, and there is reason to question his passion for the game. LaQuinton Ross is another great talent, but once again finds himself in the trainers room a lot. That is just always a concern for me personally. I like Trey McDonald as a solid four-year post who develops as a junior and senior. Overall to me the 2010 class is better than the 2011 class by a lot, but the 2011 class is still a top 15 class.

tennbuck27 what do you think of the transfer from BC?
Brian Snow I don't see Evan Ravenel ever getting major minutes. He can provide some rebounding and defense off the bench, but in terms of a 25+ minute guy, I don't see that

getbucked with Amir Williams do we vault into T5?
Brian Snow With Amir this class definitely goes up, right now I would say more top 10 than top 5

fotownbuckeye Who on our current roster will play in the NBA- and who do you feel might make it in Europe.
Brian Snow Agreed, having four year guys is good. However, and I always say this, to win a national title, you have to have NBA guys on your roster. Of the 2011 class I think Sam Thompson could be an NBA guy, and possibly Shannon Scott. OSU will need to find some one and done type players with the 2011 class to win a national title. Sullinger will be a lotto pick after this year, Buford will be a 1st round pick after this year, and Diebler could find his way into the league as a specialist. Also the wild card to me is Jordan Sibert. He has all the physical ability to be a pro, he just has to take the next step.

sklopr Would like to see some Ohioans in the 2011 class
Brian Snow OSU didn't go after the top Ohio kids in 2011. The Bucks just didn't feel those kids were the right fit

getbucked Will Elijah Macon make grades to sign hi-major?
Brian Snow Elijah is making strides, but he still has a long way to go

travel1 I think that having a strong class of kids that are around for 4 years will mean more as more kids leave early for the Association. Look at Butler. They did that because their nucleus was together for a long time.
Brian Snow Butler made it to the final four because they had a lottery pick in Gordon Hayward and a first round talent in Shelvin Mack

tennbuck27 do think sullinger will go pro this year? I always kind of thought he wasn't quite big enough and might stick a round another year.
Brian Snow Absolutely no doubt in my mind Sullinger goes pro after this year. He will be nearly and 18 and 10 per night guy. Think a more skilled Elton Brand. NBA scouts that I know are raving about him

getbucked How do we look with the IN G's in 12 (Gary Harris, Jeremy Hollowell, Yogi)?
Brian Snow Yogi (Kevin Ferrell) is not an option since OSU brought in PG's in '10 and '11. Harris is an uphill battle right now. Indiana and Michigan State probably have the inside track with Xavier number three. After that OSU is in a trail group. The Buckeyes bringing in two SF's in 2010 and already having one in 2013 makes it tough with Hollowell, but it is still them and IU.

sklopr Who wins the Big 10
Brian Snow My Big Ten pick is Michigan State.

getbucked a FB insider claimed we were looking great with Yogi even after Scott committed.
BrianSnow don't know what to say getbucked, he is wrong. Ohio State is not even actively recruiting Yogi right now.

fotownbuckeye how often can we expect you to post? Will the bball board no longer be a wasteland?
Brian Snow I will be around the board every day to answer questions and drop insight.

fotownbuckeye How much is purdue really hurt by losing Robbie Hummel?
Brian Snow They are hurt a ton. Hummel is one of the best players in the nation. It would be like OSU losing William Buford.

getbucked anyone besides Amir Williams and LaQuinton Ross visiting this weekend for NCA&T and PSU?
Brian Snow I would anticipate some of the in-state kids in the younger classes visiting this weekend. I will have more info on that later in the week. It is Monday, the list will change another 100 times.

BuckeyeBash22 are you going to do Skull Session type things for this board like you did for rivals for bball stuff?
Brian Snow I don't see myself doing Skull Session's here, though I will figure something out to drop the knowledge

BuckeyeBash22 how big of a rotation do you see Matta using this year? Do you expect Buford/Lighty/Diebler playing around 35 minutes a game with a small bench, or do you think Matta will go 8 or 9 deep?
Brian Snow I still think those three guys will play 30+ minutes, but I do think the rotation will go deeper than last year

getbucked What college position do you see 13 recruits Marc Loving, Tony Farmer, Malik Price-Martin at?
Brian Snow Of the three Price-Martin is the one with the greatest upside, he could be ELITE
dtownbuckeye419 so you think price-martin is a lock or no
Brian Snow definitely not a lock. OSU is in an excellent position, but Louisville is also right there, and if North Carolina or Duke start calling they will be involved. Price-Martin is (Jeremy) Cash's half brother.

fotownbuckeye I have to ask .....Brian- what is you NBA affiliation and for that matter NFL as well...these are very important questions..ha ha
Brian Snow NBA just a fan.. NFL All about the Bengals, WHO-DEY

getbucked Will Nigel Hayes be a hoops or FB recruit? Will we offer do u think?
Brian Snow Nigel Hayes is hoops all the way. OSU offering, I would say it is 50-50. There are a lot of SF/PF types in Ohio and Indiana in 2013

BuckeyeBash22 Brian... do u follow the OSU guys in the NBA? I'd love to hear some of ur opinions on them when they were in college and now, whether u thought they should have stayed/left, surprised by success/lack of success, really just anything
Brian Snow I am surprised Koufos isn't better than he is to be honest, he is so skilled for his size. My feelings on guys leaving early is consistent. If you want to leave, who am I to say what is best for you. To me it is just something that happens, and I understand wanting to be a millionaire. I don't get wrapped up in that because it is their lives, and I say good for them for making money or for going to school. Kosta is a center, always has been. The Nowitzki comparisons never made any sense. He could be Pau Gasol-lite in my mind.

BuckeyeBash22 what are your thoughts on the NBA age rule... do u think it should be what it was, or do u like the 1 and done rule? would u like a different rule, like how they do it in baseball?
Brian Snow The baseball rule wouldn't work, that I am sure of. I think they should be allowed to go out of high school, but I understand the NBA wanting to make them wait to protect their investment.

Brian Snow People asked me earlier about Amir Williams in the class. Right now info on Amir is all over the board. I have heard DePaul, Ohio State, and Florida. It is interesting. This weekend will go a long way. I tend to think it comes down to OSU and Florida, but this one could go a lot of different ways. The gun to my head guess would be Florida for Amir. Amir is good, not like a Sullinger player, but a solid defensive minded post who should be around 3-4 years

fotownbuckeye Brian - what do you see for Jon Diebler as a pro
Brian Snow Diebler is most likely a European player, but could catch on an NBA roster.

BuckeyeBash22 what kind of year are u expecting from Buford? does he take the next step and become the #1 guy on this team?
Brian Snow Buford should have a huge year
BuckeyeBash22 u think he'll have the ball in his hands and be asked to create for himself and others, similar to turner last year?
Brian Snow No, OSU's offense will be completely different this year than last year

fotownbuckeye what can we look for this year on O
Brian Snow Last year was mostly 1-4 low with ball screens. This year it will look a lot different, and Buford won't be asked to do what ET did. 1-4 low means ET at the top and the other four guys spreading the floor giving him space. 4 around 1 is the motion principal that OSU will use a lot of, but it varies quiet a bit

getbucked How many years do u think DT stays? 2,3,4?
Brian Snow I think DeShaun should stay four years. I know he doesn't agree with me, but he will found out real soon Wow, wow, wow. Lets not confuse four years with struggling. I expect him to be VERY PRODUCTIVE in college, but he is a 6'6 PF. Not many of those in the NBA

BuckeyeBash22 brian, what happened with Jeremy Hollowell? did OSU cool on him, or did he cool on them after they got commitments from thompson/ross
Brian Snow OSU hasn't cooled, but the need isn't there given the two commitments in '11 and Loving in '13. It makes it tough to bring in another 6'6 SF. OSU is still hard after him, but Indiana is the leader

fotownbuckeye Thomas can not play the 3? What about (J.D. Weatherspoon) - can he develop into a 3?
Brian Snow Thomas isn't a three right now, he could develop into one. JD is a PF all the way, and I can't see him ever being a SF

fotownbuckeye Do you think Spoon will RS or play the limited min that will be available
Brian Snow I like JD a lot as a kid, and he is a solid player, but I don't see any possible way that he turns out to be the best player in this 2010 class OSU won't red shirt anyone this year with the possible exception of Lenzelle, but I think even he plays

AdamJardyBSB Brian, which current Buckeye would you want taking a Matt Sylvester-type of shot?
Brian Snow William Buford to me is the go to guy. Sullinger if you can get a post touch, but if the defense takes that away it should be Buford.

BuckeyeBash22 Brian, what are ur thoughts on redshirting guys? if u could, would u redshirt Smith/Spoon this year? Similar ot guys like Offutt or Lauderdale in the past?
Brian Snow It is tough to redshirt guys when you only have 10 available scholarship players. It is really, really tough to do. In this instance I agree in not redshirting them

getbucked Will Matta trim the rotation to 8 come B10 season?
Brian Snow I think 8 is a good working number for the season. Smith and Weatherspoon will struggle for minutes IMO. But as a coach you have to prepare for injuries and the worst, so it is tough to redshirt if you have less than 10

getbucked Will Smith end up playing PG here or more wing?
Brian Snow On offense he might play some PG, but in general he will be on the wing. He can't guard a PG

BuckeyeBash22 what about Sibert? what are your thoughts on him, not only for this season, but for his OSU career?
Brian Snow This season to me will be an adjustment for Sibert. Physically he could be an NBA player if it all comes together for him. He is the ultimate wild card on the roster.

BuckeyeBash22 what about Anthony Crater... that dude was playing a ton his freshman year and then left. I wonder if guys like Crater/ Walter Offutt/Eric Wallace really regret their decisions to leave now
Brian Snow Crater was told to leave. Don't get that one twisted.
BuckeyeBash22 whats the story with that?
Brian Snow Let's just say there were differences of opinion between Crater, his mother, and the coaches. Wallace would have never played at OSU, that I can guarantee. I honestly don't know everything, but it wasn't just Noopy saying I am leaving, he had a little bit of a nudge. A lot of kids think they are a lot better than they are, Noopy was one of them. More importantly a lot of times, parents (not AAU coaches, not hangers on, etc.) think their kids are a lot better than they are.

BuckeyeBash22 what about guys like Kosta Koufos and Daequan Cook... u heard rumors about Matta not seeing eye to eye with their family members/handlers/advisors whatever they were.... anything on that?
Brian Snow Both wanted to get to the league ASAP and all involved knew that from day one. Nothing to anything with Cook or Koufos. I don't know how they feel about Matta today, I can just tell you that both wanted to get to the NBA.
getbucked Why didn't KK take online courses spring qtr then? never understood that!
Brian Snow I don't understand it either getbucked

BuckeyeBash22 what about Mike Conley Sr.... I heard some stuff that people didnt like the way he handled some things, but I never knew anything about it
Brian Snow Mike Conley Sr. and Thad Matta remain very close, that I do know

getbucked Any thoughts on Evan Nolte in 12 class, position, chances for us?
Brian Snow I see Nolte as a stretch the floor PF who can play SF as well. Defensively I have some questions. He is wide open right now. If I had to tab a front runner it might be Georgia, but it is still very early with that one. He could easily slide to the SF, just depends on how he progresses the next two years.

getbucked How do you feel about A.J. Hammons and his upside and our chances?
Brian Snow If OSU wants Hammons, OSU gets Hammons.. It is really that simple. My guess is if Amir goes elsewhere and Hammons shows good grades at Oak Hill he gets an offer and then makes a decision very shortly after.

BuckeyeBash22 Brian, could u ever see Matta leaving for another job? or is he here for a while?
Brian Snow The history of OSU basketball and football coaches is very, very consistent. You are told to leave by the school one way or another. I think Matta is smart enough to leave either for retirement or another job (possibly NBA) before that happens.

travel1 Brian - What do you think of Traevon Jackson, Jimmy's kid? I think he might be a great get for Wisky. Strong kid with great knowledge of the game.
Brian Snow OSU never really recruited Traevon after his freshman season

tennbuck27 how do our freshman play defense?
Brian Snow Craft is a HIGH LEVEL defender, and with wings Lenzelle defends as well. Jordan, Sully, and DeShaun have never spent undue effort defending. Deshaun especially has to do some work on defense.

tennbuck27 are we expecting a lot of foul trouble for Sullinger?
Brian Snow Sully probably will get into some foul trouble from time to time, most freshman posts do.

BuckeyeBash22 brian, just out of curiosity, who long have u covered/followed OSU bball? and who are some of ur favorite players to watch and cover during that time?
Brian Snow I have covered OSU basketball for about four years I think. I have watched OSU for a long time. Jon Diebler, Kosta Koufos, and Jared Sullinger are three of my favorites since I started in the business.

gsnuts sorry if this has been asked, where do we stand with Gary Harris? Great to have you on board BS!!
Brian Snow OSU has definite ground to make up with Gary. Right now I think MSU and IU are at the top with Xavier right behind them.

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