Bank Blog: Recruiting Surprises Coming?

The commitment of Maryland linebacker Conner Crowell to Ohio State broke a recruiting dry spell, since the Buckeyes previous commit was Ron Tanner last June. Where does Ohio State stand in their effort to land another outstanding class, and are there any surprise candidates to be part of this class? Bill Greene takes another look.

Is the Ohio State recruiting train back on track, following a mild summer lull? Last week's commitment of linebacker Conner Crowell takes this class up to 18, with room to add at least five, maybe more, prospects.

Who is left on the board, and who are the newcomers entering the picture? As is usually the case under Jim Tressel, there are new names hitting the board as Ohio State enters into the winter phase of recruiting.


Jadeveon Clowney: Still a pie-in-the-sky for Ohio State, and not a real position of need. If he schedules a visit, it's time to pay attention, but until then, this is a fantasy. STATUS: Not in the ballgame.

Curtis Grant: The key question on Grant is why is he mentioning Ohio State all the sudden? He is rumored to be a silent Florida verbal, so is he trying to falsely create a second team for appearance sake, or is he truly interested? If he takes an official visit to Ohio State this one gets real interesting. Linebacker is a definite position of need. STATUS: Watch carefully.

Darius Jennings: There is word that Jennings was visited at the school by Jim Tressel, and former Buckeye Stan White would clearly be viewed as a Buckeye asset. If Jennings is a viable commit candidate, then where does that leave Shane Wynn? As always, watch for the official visit. Without an official, this goes nowhere. STATUS: Lukewarm. Not hot.

Akise Teague: Was definitely visited at the school last week by Buckeye assistant Nick Siciliano, so there is interest. Also, Ursuline head coach Dan Reardon is a long-time Tressel friend and that always helps. Again, if it's Teague, where does that leave Shane Wynn? STATUS: Warming up considerably.

Steven Daniels: The St. Xavier star linebacker has had a fine senior season, but would appear to be in the back of the linebacker line. The commitment of Crowell probably cancels out Daniels, but if others go elsewhere, the Buckeyes could turn to him. STATUS: Plan-B.

Dallas Crawford: One of the newest names to hit the Ohio State radar last week. What do we know? That Ohio State was in the school, talking about possibly offering. They grabbed film and his transcript, so stay tuned. STATUS: Plan-B, in case Grant and/or Gorman go elsewhere?

Phil Dorsett: Old buddy Phil gets back on the list as a courtesy, because the Miami recruiting class is falling apart, and every single recruit is now in play. Are the Buckeyes still interested? If so, where does that leave Shane Wynn? STATUS: Keep an eye out for an official visit.

Anthony Wallace: This one could be falling apart, even before it really got rolling. A source close to Wallace states the Ohio State visit might not take place, and Penn State is probably now out of it. Is he done to Oregon? Or will Oklahoma get back in on him? STATUS: Trending away from Ohio State.

Darius Patton: His name keeps being floated around, and his father played for Coach Tressel at Youngstown State. If you take Patton, where does that leave Shane Wynn? (Heard that question enough yet?). STATUS: Plan-C?


Doran Grant: There is a LOT of talk coming out about Michigan State being the eventual winner of the Grant sweepstakes, and it's getting louder every week. For me? I'm not buying it. I still say Grant is a Buckeye all the way. STATUS: Buckeye---- my story.....and I'm sticking to it.

Jabari Gorman: This is the toughest call on the board and I'm still not ready to call it. Family kid all the way, but what does the Miami Meltdown do for him? And what about the fact that Ohio State (Paul Haynes in particular) has done an OUTSTANDING recruiting job with Jabari? I see this one being over and done with real soon, maybe around Thanksgiving. STATUS: Want to say "Buckeye", but not ready to do that.

Ejuan Price: Price has made more trips to Columbus this year than either family of the Corey Brown's, but still hasn't committed yet? Why? Is he looking for a better offer? This is a kid that wanted to announce before his season, and was prepared to do so, so what's going on? Will the commitment of Crowell have any impact? STATUS: Have to think Buckeye, but this one seems weird.


Cardale Jones: Jones keeps insisting he thinks he will receive a Buckeye offer, and I'm about 51-49% in agreement. Want a key to his recruitment? As always: the official visit. If he schedules an official to Ohio State, he's a Buckeye. They don't bring Glenville in to kick the tires or look under the hood. They bring Glenville in to commit. STATUS: Official visit tells the tale.

Aundrey Walker: Will fax a letter of intent to Ohio State on National Signing Day. STATUS: Period.

Andre Sturdivant: Want the key to what "Tank" is going to do? See Cardale Jones explanation. Same story here. STATUS: Official visit = IN.

Frank Clark: Basically, a new name on the radar, but I had to list him with his mates. Clark has been contacted by Ohio State, and falls under the same explanation as Sturdivant and Jones. He is a good student, high character kid and fine athlete. STATUS: Plan-B, or Plan-C.

Shane Wynn: THE KEY TO THIS RECRUITING CLASS. Is he without an offer? Would they take him? Do they want him? Does he want Ohio State? Would they take Wynn and still take Teague-Jennings-Patton-Dorsett? Lots of questions, but what are the answers? In the end, I see Wynn as a Buckeye, but if he's not 100% sold, I don't think we will see him visit. Believe this: Ted Ginn WILL NOT want a repeat of the Latwan-Affair, so this will probably be handled a lot differently. If it's not Ohio State, I don't think we will see the hat game on national TV. STATUS: I'm still saying Buckeye, until someone I trust tells me differently.


Keith Wells: The plan has been all along to return to Ohio State, but this one could be in doubt. Until something is clarified further, I'm thinking he is back. STATUS: Probably returns.

Duron Carter: More twists and turns than anyone could have imagined. Where will DC end up? Tough question to answer right now, and I'm pretty close to this situation, BANK THAT. I do look for a resolution shortly after Thanksgiving. STATUS: I'm guessing "not a Buckeye." But that was a guess.

Things are now heating up, as Ohio State has clearly entered into a different phase of recruiting. We have always seen new names pop up at this time, so this should come as no surprise to anyone.

Will there be more surprises? There probably will be, and we will look to update this story every Tuesday throughout the recruiting process, right up to National Signing Day in February.

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