Junior Prospect - Dionte' Johnson

One of Central Ohio's top defensive stars is Eastmoor's Dionte' Johnson. We have an update today.

You won't find many players with better bloodlines than Columbus Eastmoor's Dionte' Johnson. Dionte' is the son of star OSU and NFL LB Pepper Johnson, and he is making a name for himself as he is one of the top 40 overall players in the state as rated by Ohio's Future Stars.

We caught up with Dionte' lately to find out more about him and how things are going recruiting-wise:

Height, weight, 40: "Right now, my 40 is 4.58 the last time I ran it… I'm almost 6-1, 227 as of today; I just weighed in.

Bench: "My bench is 325."

Positions he's played: "Last year I was at center because we had a senior at fullback who was trying to get a look at college, but (I play) fullback and linebacker, and I long snap too."

Stats: "I had around 100 tackles."

Schools contacting the most: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, and West Virginia

"Ohio State out of all the schools has been contacting the most."

Favorites? "No, I don't have any favorites."

Camp destinations this summer: "Those four (OSU, Pitt, NW, WV) I know for sure. I'm trying to go out to USC and then go somewhere south, like Florida or somewhere. And I'm going to Nike Camp (Ann Arbor)."

Campuses visited so far: "I've been to all their campuses (OSU, Pitt, NW, WV) but not really looked in that much detail."

"I'm trying to get more looks from other schools that are not Midwest. Maybe a little further."

Factors in deciding: "I'm going to study to architecture, so a fairly decent architecture program." Dionte' also said he is looking to win some games.

Is there a decision timetable? "I'm going to take all my visits probably."

Is there an NFL or college player he emulates? "I don't like to take after anybody. People say I'm like my dad, but that's about it."

What advice is his father giving him so far? "He's the one that told me I should take all my visits and take it slow."

Is there any pressure to go to OSU? "Not really, he's not like a lot of people. He wants me to keep my options open. He wants me to go to Ohio State, but he won't put pressure on me. He said he knows how much pressure can be on me."

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