Bank Blog: Recruiting Trends

It's time for another weekly look at Ohio State's 2011 recruiting class, and the prospects still left on the board. The Buckeyes have 18 commitments, and could go as high as 23, should they choose to do so. Who's in the mix, and who has dropped out in the past week? Bill Greene takes another look in the latest Bank Blog.

Here we go again, taking a weekly look at Ohio State's attempt to fill out the 2011 recruiting class. There are 18 commits, and if they end up at the desired number of 23, that leaves room for five more. Where do things stand with the usual suspects?

Doran Grant: Probably the most desired recruit left on the board, and fills a position of need at cornerback. Grant is said to be down to Michigan State and Ohio State, with his father having played for the Spartans and his mother favoring the Buckeyes. TRENDING: Steady. I've always seen Grant in this class and I see no reason to change that.

Jabari Gorman: Very tough kid to read, and I've gotten to know him very well over the past year. In the end, although Ohio State seems like the prefect fit for him, it's hard for me to see him going far from home. But it's also hard to see him at Miami, as things have fallen apart for the 'Canes recruiting-wise. When he says he's undecided, I believe him. TRENDING: Downward, but what do I know? I just see him playing where his family can see him on a weekly basis, and Ohio is a long way away.

Cutis Grant: Says all the right things, but I need to see the official visit to get more bullish on his chances of being a Buckeye. There's no doubting Ohio State is in better shape now than at any time in his recruitment, and that's a plus. See the Gators landing Grant, but there is still a window of opportunity for others. TRENDING: Obviously upward, but Ohio State still has a long way to go before landing this Big Fish.

Ejuan Price: Has spent more time on Ohio State's campus than most of the parents, and qualifies under the rule of "watch what they do, not what they say." Price is not real media-friendly, so information is tough to come by, but this looks good for the Buckeyes. TRENDING: Upward, nearing the point of = status.

Cardale Jones: This is a player that has Ohio State telling him to get a desired ACT score, and to raise his GPA. If he does what they've asked, I see him in this class at the end. He would sit and learn how to play the position for a few years, and go from there. Worlds of talent, but a lot of bad habits to fix. Ohio State might feel they can make him into a star. TRENDING: Upward, as there is a lot of contact between Ohio State and Jones. See official visit for the deciding factor.

Shane Wynn: This is another player whose recruiting status has become a little clearer, with the admission that he does not hold a written offer. Is he good enough? Does Ohio State want him? Stay tuned. TRENDING: Holding pattern. The ball is totally in Ohio State's court.

Darius Jennings: Sure says all the right things, and the connection with Stan White is hard to ignore. Have to see if he visits. The "no-offer" to Wynn certainly puts Jennings in a different light, and they definitely want to add another wide receiver. TRENDING: Want to say upward, but have to see what official visits he schedules over the next few months.

Akise Teague: This is the hottest prospect in Ohio right now, and Ohio State is on his trail. Spoke to him personally at the school two weeks ago, and picked up his recent film this week. He fills a need at receiver and is a great return man. TRENDING: Upward and upward some more.

Andre Sturdivant: Hard to see this guy ending up in this class, but it is Glenville, so anything is possible. Not sure where Ohio State sees him as a player, possibly defensive line? They won't bring him in on a visit for show. If he visits officially, he's all Buckeye. TRENDING: Holding pattern. Plan-B.

Darius Patton: A Tressel-favorite for sure, because his father played for him at Youngstown State, but there are others ahead of him. Nice player, but not the prospect that Wynn, Teague or Jennings seem to be. TRENDING: Downward. Pure Plan-B. Others need to go elsewhere, and there needs to be room.

Aundrey Walker: Hard to see this big guy going anywhere but Ohio State, mainly for the same reason I see the Buckeyes losing out on Gorman. Walker is the final piece to the offensive line puzzle, and will commit after taking five visits. TRENDING: Upward, if possible. This should be done.

Jadeveon Clowney: Hard to see this one working out in Ohio State's favor. Without a scheduled visit there is zero possibility, maybe not that high. TRENDING: Downward. Want to say no shot.

Cornelius Carradine: Very, very talented player, and maybe two years at JC has matured him significantly. Great talent, but it's hard to see him playing at Ohio State and succeeding in that environment. Would seem to be well-suited for the SEC or another Southern location. TRENDING: Upward, because he has scheduled a visit. Unless he has a dying love for Ohio State, this won't happen.

Steven Daniels: A complete sleeper linebacker prospect, and would only get a look if the remaining offers go elsewhere. Has had a great senior season, and has a fine offer list. TRENDING: Plan-B.

Anthony Wallace: What once looked very promising is now fading into the sunset. There is a visit scheduled for next week, which might not take place. If that visit is canceled, it's time to call in the dogs and pee on the fire, because this hunt will be over. TRENDING: Downward, but a visit could revive this one.

Keith Wells: Not sure where things stand with the Big Man, but what I'm hearing isn't real positive. There is a path for his return, and he stayed near Ohio State, so you can't rule him out. His spot was saved, so the ball is in his court. TRENDING: Holding pattern, waiting for Wells to decide what to do.

Duron Carter: Looking more and more like DC will not be returning to Ohio State. Has a visit to LSU this weekend, and to Oregon the following week. I'm guessing he could commit to LSU this weekend if things go well. If he gets through both visits without committing, Ohio State could be back in the picture, but I'm not counting on that. TRENDING: Downward, and it could be about over.

That's it for this week, but let's take a stab at the Final Five, alright? How about Grant-Price-Walker-Jones-Teague? See you next week, when we take another look at Ohio State's 2011 recruiting effort.

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