Bank Blog: Post-Buckeye Blowout

Ohio State just completed one of the more successful seasons in Jim Tressel's tenure, and now waits to see what BCS Bowl they're headed to. Take away the first quarter in Madison, which you cannot do, and Ohio State would be headed to the BCS title game. What does Ohio State do over the next few weeks, and when will recruiting pick up?

As predicted, Ohio State waltzed and sang their way to an easy win over Michigan, a game that now looks more like playing Indiana or Minnesota, moreso than Wisconsin or Michigan State. The game really showed the differences between the two programs, once again reinforcing that the gap is the Atlantic Ocean, not the Olentangy River.

Ohio State played good, solid football, nothing out of the ordinary, and won easily by 30 points. The vaunted Michigan offense was both good and bad, but the defense was pretty terrible, even though those guys probably played as well as they could. It could have been worse, that's for sure.

LAST THREE PREDICTIONS: Done pretty well this year predicting Ohio State outcomes, and finished the year on a roll. Also, nearly hit the Miami score on the nose, and amended my Wisconsin guess on Game-Day to say the Bucks could lose. Didn't want to hit that one. For Penn State, I predicted 41-16, and it ended up 38-14. Against Iowa, I called it 23-21, and it was 20-17. For Michigan, I had it 41-14, and missed it exactly when Dane Sanzenbacher got hosed on a holding call, and Little Man Tate couldn't score from the 5-yard line. RESULT: No Bowl prediction, because I'm due to be wrong. I'm retiring undefeated this year. Listen to Nevada, LOL.

WILL UM KEEP RR? What will they do? If it's true they're waiting until after the bowl game, there's no way to fire him if he wins, because it would look terrible. There is the risk of losing the recruiting class by firing Rodriguez, but after looking at their class, I wouldn't worry about that. Very few defensive line game-changers, or star linebackers, which is what they desperately need. RESULT: He gets another year, scores a lot of points against the easy ones, gets stoned by the Big Boys, and gets whacked.

COACH OF THE YEAR IN THE BIG TEN FOR JT? Probably not, but he's locked up Coach of the Decade, which is far better. Another great coaching job by the Master, and if consistency is the measuring stick, Jim Tressel is the best in the business. Who would you take right now over JT? Think about that for a minute. And after looking at the past few recruiting classes, who would predict this is about to end? Certainly not me. RESULT: Get ready for a lot more wins, and maybe, just maybe, Tressel wins one more ring before he walks away.

2011 RECRUITING NEWS PLEASE? There just isn't much going on right now, and it's basically a wait for the official visit process to end. The guys that wanted to commit early are in the hopper, and now you wait for the late ones to take their trips and decide. Keep an eye on the wide receiver position, to see if any new prospects come onto the scene, because they need to add one more. RESULT: Shane Wynn. Akise Teague. Maybe Phillip Dorsett, if he changes his mind on Miami.

2012 RECRUITING NEWS Probably a little hotter right now than 2011, because there are a lot of prospects, looking for a handful of offers. Hard to believe they've ruled out Se'Von Pittman, but no offer has been communicated to date. They need another offensive tackle to pair with Kyle Kalis, and Taylor Decker is in the mix. Linebacker will be a priority, and they might have to go outside the state to grab a star. RESULT: Still have to believe Pittman lands an offer.

TEAM MVP? Has to be Terrelle Pryor after having one of the best seasons for a quarterback in Ohio State history, but Dane Sanzenbacher deserves mention somewhere for his great performance. Hopefully, the NFL ignores the measurables and someone gives him a shot. He's not Brian Hartline, but he might be a Gonzo in the right system. The NFL will be scared of his injury history, and slight frame, but get him into camp and give him a look. You might just love what you see.

Kenny Hayes: Haven't been totally sold on Hayes, but after seeing him for the third time last week, I have to say how impressive he was. Went against a great offensive line in Lakewood St. Edward, and Hayes might have been the most impressive player on the field. He was quick off the ball, and strong at the point of attack, using his hands like a brick-layer. Great showing by Hayes.

Chris Wormley vs. Kyle Kalis: What a battle, between two of the top prospects in the Midwest, and I would call it a draw. Both players were at the top of their games, and went at it from the first play to the last. No trash-talking. No cheap shots. Just good, honest, clean football, between two future stars. Love both kids, as players and people. RESULT: Either going to go against each other every day in practice for four years, or once a year for four years, but this matchup will continue in the future.

Akise Teague Please, do not miss this kid in the state finals this weekend. Maybe the most fun kid to watch in Ohio, and my choice for Mr. Football in the state. Will Ohio State offer? Stay tuned, because it might just happen. RESULT: Win or lose, Teague is so much fun to watch. Oh yah, he doesn't lose much.

Jim Bollman Great job, Coach Bolls. Totally understand the criticism of the man over the years, but I kept saying to see what he does with great talent at his disposal. We saw. It was great. Will it continue? That's the million-dollar question, but for this year? Get off the man's back. He produced a great offensive line.

HOW TO STOP DENARD? Easy, Brian Rolle. Now, Robinson is a great player and a star with the football in his hands, but once Rolle adjusted to the speed and took better angles, it was OVER. Not a winner in the look-test, but Rolle has had a great career and finished it off in style against Michigan. RESULT: Probably not an NFL career, but a life-long Buckeye fan favorite.

HOW TO USE DENARD? I would put Devin Gardner at quarterback, and move Denard to slot receiver-wide receiver-tailback-wingback-Wildcat-whatever. Robinson cannot be asked to have the ball in his hands this much, and the weekly injuries show that. Gardner can run that offense, and is stronger. Robinson can still be a supreme playmaker as the offensive wild card, but not as the full-time quarterback. Less could be more, because he'd be on the field more and less banged up when out there. RESULT: They're not listening to me, but that's what I would do.

ANOTHER FINE WAY TO FINISH: Seeing Braxton Miller end his career playing for a state tile is fitting, especially after a playoff appearance looked doubtful after his ankle injury. He has carried Huber Heights Wayne on his back, and will be asked to do it one more time. No way is Huber Heights the favorite, but maybe Superman pulls it off? RESULT: Lakewood St. Edward 28 Huber Heights Wayne 24.

RECRUITING: MAYBE & ALMOST: Jabari Gorman now falls into "maybe" category, and there are a lot of variables at play. In the end, I see him staying close to home, but maybe not Miami. Florida could be the compromise choice, but the Miami hire will play a part for Jabari. Ryan Shazier is the "almost" and it came closer to happening than people will ever know. I do believe it's done now, but this was alive early last week. There's nobody on the roster with Shazier's skill set, and Ohio State desperately needs a speed rusher on the outside.

THE SECRET TO BUCKEYE RECRUITING: The official visit. Some schools give out the limit every year, but Ohio State throws them around sparingly. If any of the Glenville kids are in on an official visit, they will be Buckeyes. You don't bring Glenville in to kick the tires. You bring Glenville in to seal the deal. RESULT: Watch for Cardale Jones. Shane Wynn. Andre Sturdivant. Frank Clark.

ONE DAGGONE QUARTER: You can't do it, and take nothing away from Wisconsin, but wouldn't JT like to have a do-over in Madison? Just replay the first quarter, not the entire game. Get out of the first quarter at 7-0, or 10-0. RESULT: File under spilled milk, or sour grapes.

That's it for this week. Watch for a surprise offer to some 2011 prospect that will shock us all, because it seems to be setting up that way.

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