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Ohio State currently has 18 members in the 2011 recruiting class, and there are several candidates remaining for very few open spots. Who are the candidates to fill out the class? And what is the final number? What happens with Akise Teague? Bill Greene takes a weekly look in this edition of Bank Blog.

Who is left on the board for Ohio State in their attempt to fill out the 2011 recruiting class? The Buckeyes currently have 18 commitments and there is no shortage of prospects left on their board.

What are the totals, and how many players can they take? There are currently 80 players on scholarship, leaving five open spots. There are 17 seniors leaving the program, which brings the class to 22 open spots for 2011. Once Dionte Allen goes on scholarship, the number goes back to 21.

It is reasonable to expect that at least three players could be leaving the team, either through transfer or medical redshirt. There doesn't appear to be any juniors heading off to the NFL, although there are rumors about Dan Herron checking things out.

If three players leave the team, that brings the total up to 24, and that's a reasonable assumption. But, I do see Keith Wells returning, but not Duron Carter, so drop that number back to 23. Will they use all 23? Will they take five more players?


Doran Grant: Have to think that Grant will be a Buckeye, and I've never thought differently. Who knows when he will announce, but I've got him in the class. Could he commit to Michigan State? Of course, but I'm sticking with him being a Buckeye.

Bryce Haynes: Do not know this kid at all, but he's taking an official in two weeks, and Ohio State has a great track record once they get the player on campus. Have to think Ohio State is more than in the game with this prospect, even though taking a long-snapper is a surprise.

Byron Moore: The four-star defensive back is also taking an official visit in two weeks, and the depth chart has to be appealing to a junior college player. Can he leave California? If he can leave home, Ohio State could be the destination.

Aundrey Walker: There are rumblings about Ohio State not being too pleased with the Big Man's post-season play. Is this the reason for the pursuit of Chris Bryant? For now, I'm sticking with Walker being a Buckeye, and he is taking his official this weekend.

Ejuan Price: This one is nearly impossible to figure out, but Price is probably a player you have to follow what he does. It's impossible to go by what he says, because he isn't talking much to recruiting reporters. I'm leaning toward Price ending up at Ohio State, but he takes an official to Iowa this coming weekend.

Akise Teague: The current darling of the Ohio State fan base, and the most exciting player in the state. Will Ohio State offer? That's the million dollar question. If you offer, Teague will come.


Chris Bryant: Is the Buckeye interest legit? Are they really going to offer? If they do, there is no guarantee he takes it. Bryant is another guard, and there are a bunch of them in this class already.

Tank Carradine: One of the toughest to figure after Price, but there is no doubting the Buckeye interest. They visited Carradine at the school this week, and he is coming in for an official visit, so this one is alive. Would be no surprise at all to see Tank commit to Ohio State, because he wanted an offer coming out of high school.

Jadeveon Clowney: There is no chance of him committing to, or signing with, Ohio State.

Curtis Grant: Conventional wisdom is Grant is headed to Florida, but if he visits Ohio State officially there is reason for excitement. Do I expect to see Curtis Grant sign with Ohio State? No.

Jabari Gorman: Ohio State has done a great job recruiting Gorman, but when the rubber meets the road, I do not see him leaving the state of Florida. He visits the Gators officially this weekend, and I would not be surprised to see him signing with Florida on Signing Day.

Darius Jennings: There are Buckeye connections, but I do not see Jennings signing with Ohio State. Let's see if he visits officially, but I don't see this one working out for Ohio State.

Phillip Dorsett: I don't think he ends up at Miami, but that depends on who the 'Canes hire. There has been dialogue with Ohio State, but until he visits officially, there's no reason for excitement.

Shane Wynn: Once it was clarified that there was no written offer from Ohio State, it ended this chase rather quickly. If he doesn't visit officially, he won't be sent a letter of intent. As of now, there is no visit.

Andre Sturdivant: See Shane Wynn's explanation. No official visit, no commitment.

Cardale Jones: See Wynn and Sturdivant. Not going to be a Buckeye.


Keith Wells: Wants to come back and Ohio State wants him back. I believe he will be on the team in 2011.

Duron Carter: Hard to say where he ends up, but I'm not optimistic it will be Ohio State.

The numbers are fascinating. The candidates are many. But, who fills out the class? How about Doran Grant, Bryce Haynes, Aundrey Walker, Ejuan Price and Akise Teague?

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