Wolverines Don't Exactly Get Their Man

Some thoughts on Michigan's new head coach, U-M athletic director David Brandon's hiring process, and whether Brady Hoke will represent any kind of upgrade over Rich Rodriguez.

Brady Hoke? Really? You have to wonder if the University of Michigan is even trying.

Back in November after Ohio State had beaten the Wolverines for the ninth time in 10 years, I wrote the following:

"(When) each win over Michigan seemingly becomes a foregone conclusion, the greatness of the overall rivalry seems to erode bit by bit. … Any Ohio State victory over the Wolverines is a wonderful thing to be cherished, but how satisfying are countless victories if they come against a defenseless opponent? I contend a Michigan program that is merely a shadow of its former self is not good for the Big Ten and not good for the OSU-Michigan rivalry.

"For better or for worse, the reputation of the conference as a whole – and that of Ohio State to a great degree – is predicated on the Michigan football team being a national power. And if that is ever going to happen again in the near future, the decision in Ann Arbor seems clear. (Rich) Rodriguez has to go."

Perhaps I wasn't making myself clear enough. Yes, Rodriguez had to go but in his place Michigan was supposed to hire someone dynamic who would raise the level of the program back to where it had been for most of the 20th century. No offense to Hoke, but what U-M David Brandon got with his recent hire was a dime-a-dozen coach who just happened to have had "Michigan assistant, 1995-2002" on his résumé.

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