Two Weeks: Who's Left?

Only two weeks left for Ohio State to put the finishing touches on what promises to be another highly-rated recruiting class. Who is still on the board, and what official visits are scheduled? Bill Greene takes another look at the 2011 recruiting class.

Ohio State has only two weeks left to host visitors on official visits, and time is running out on every Division-I school, but this is the time of year when recruiting becomes the most interesting.

For Ohio State, the question is obviously the situation with the 85-man limit on scholarships, and the numbers aren't adding up at this point. Assuming nobody leaves the program in the near future, Ohio State currently sits at one body over the limit, with several prospects still on the board.

The numbers issue notwithstanding, who is still left on the recruiting board for Ohio State, and who will be visiting over the next few weeks?

JaJuan Story: Scheduled to visit Ohio State this week, and there has been no word if that has changed, so we will stick with him visiting. Committed to Florida, and took his official there last week. Also has visited Oregon. Florida has an in-home visit this Friday, and you can bet the Gators will look to get him to cancel on Ohio State. OUTLOOK: If he shows up in Columbus, you never know. Looks like it will be Florida, but getting him to visit gives the Buckeyes a shot.

Curtis Grant: Has already visited Ohio State and Florida, and the two remaining visits to North Carolina and Virginia are window dressing. Have to feel the Buckeyes have more than a fighting chance for Grant, and may possibly be sitting in the driver's seat. Not sure what the Gators or Bucks could do at this point to sway him. OUTLOOK: Hard to argue with anyone calling Grant to Ohio State at this point, and I might be inclined to agree.

James Vaughters: Reaffirmed his commitment to Stanford, and if he cancels visits in the next two weeks, to Florida and Ohio State, I might believe him. But, not until those visits are canceled. Much like Grant, Ohio State is in good position to land Vaughters, and if he doesn't go to Stanford, the Buckeyes should land him. OUTLOOK: Get Vaughters on campus, and he's probably a Buckeye. Hard to see Ohio State not getting one of the two nationally-ranked linebackers in the end.

Aundrey Walker: Still might take two more visits, and he definitely enjoyed his USC trip, but he's a Buckeye on National Signing Day. Mama will tell him that, in case he forgets. OUTLOOK: Buckeye.

Bryce Haynes: Numbers are just as tight for Notre Dame, as they are for Ohio State, and both are still recruiting the long-snapper. Seems more than a bit surprising for Ohio State to be chasing a long-snapper, especially with tight numbers. OUTLOOK: Always felt Notre Dame was where this kid's heart lies, but Ohio State could definitely land Bryce Haynes.

Darius Jennings: In the end, although Ohio State made a favorable impression, I do not see Jennings selecting the Buckeyes. I think the lure of playing quarterback for Wake Forest could win this kid, but he could select Ohio State. OUTLOOK: Didn't get good vibes when I spoke to him in Orlando, so I'm saying he's not coming to Ohio State.


Keith Wells: Wells insists the reinstatement process is on-going, and he expects to be back in the spring. Is there even room? Would they take him? OUTLOOK: Any reinstatement process would have to be approved by Jim Tressel himself, so unless Wells is lying, and I have no reason to believe that, he should be back on the roster very soon.

Cardale Jones: Has an official visit scheduled for the last weekend. Why would Ohio State bring a Glenville kid in on his last weekend if they weren't 100% serious? Answer: They wouldn't. OUTLOOK: Might take a year at Fork Union to improve academically, or he might gray-shirt, but Cardale Jones will be a Buckeye some day, in my opinion.

Andre Sturdivant: Same situation as Jones, in that they would not bring a Glenville kid on his last chance weekend, just to be nice. The Glenville kids have seen Columbus more than most residents. You don't bring Glenville kids in for the last weekend to kick the tires. You bring Glenville kids in to lock them up as Buckeyes. OUTLOOK: Sturdivant will end up a Buckeye, in my opinion.

Duron Carter: Now enrolled at Palm Beach Community College, where he will receive his Associate of Arts degree in May, and go through the recruiting process again, more than likely. Although he could sign somewhere on National Signing Day, I could see him delaying until summer. OUTLOOK: Assuming he waits all the way until May to decide: Never say Never.

I believe Walker and one of either Grant or Vaughters is a real possibility for Ohio State on Signing Day. The you have the four players listed above, and any or all of them could find their way onto the Ohio State roster at some point in time.

This class has a chance to be one of the best overall classes of the Tressel era at Ohio State, even though some of these guys might not be signed and sealed on the first Wednesday in February.

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