Signing Day Impact Tommy Brown

Ohio State looked to add offensive line depth in the 2011 recruiting class, and Tommy Brown hopes to make his mark on the Buckeye offensive line. Brown, from Akron Firestone, has officially become a member of the team Wednesday, by returning his letter of intent.

There is no doubt one of the top priorities for Ohio State in the 2011 recruiting class was to add offensive line depth, and Akron Firestone's Tommy Brown will look to do that in his Buckeye career.

Brown, 6-foot-5, 300-pounds, is ranked as a three-star tackle prospect by Scout, but will probably play guard at Ohio State. After losing Justin Boren and Bryant Browning to graduation, there will be opportunity for playing time in 2011.

Shortly after receiving an offer from Ohio State, Brown committed to offensive line coach Jim Bollman, and he would seem to be a perfect red-shirt candidate next year, to learn the system and re-shape his body.


Brown is a massive kid, and is known for his run-blocking at the point of attack. He will need to add strength, while possibly staying at the same weight, but just transforming his body into a more productive, athletic player. He should have the time to develop, as there are several inside players rated ahead of him in the system.

"Big, strong kid who stays low off the ball and is effective in the run game. Gets under defenders' pads and is a good drive blocker. In pass protection, he needs to improve his technique, particularly his footwork. Overall speed and explosion work will help his game, but he is a naturally powerful kid who has pretty solid technique in the run game." - Allen Trieu.

Brown on his future:

"I was sitting in the lounge (at OSU) with Doran Grant," Brown said. "My parents were touring the indoor facility and when they were done Coach Tressel called me into his office and started talking to me and my parents. He had us looking at his championship rings and watches and signed footballs from previous players."

"Then he sat me down and told me about life and he said Ohio State definitely has a scholarship waiting for me."

Brown said he had already told his parents that he would immediately accept an OSU offer. Once Tressel extended one and it was accepted, Brown said the coach was excited.

"He was just smiling a lot," Brown said. "I guess he didn't think I was going to commit on the spot but when he saw that I committed he shook his head real quick and then he jumped up and said, ‘Yeah? Then let's get it going.' It was cool."

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