Sullinger Gets Sign From Foe's Fan

Ohio State freshman forward Jared Sullinger endured plenty of abuse as the Buckeyes earned a road victory Feb. 6 in front of a hostile Minnesota crowd. Now, however, the Buckeye is bringing home a souvenir from his trip to Minneapolis.

Jared Sullinger came home from Minnesota with a win and a new fan. As the freshman forward exited the court following Ohio State's 82-69 victory Feb. 6 against the Golden Gophers, one fan waved a homemade sign with a black-and-white cutout of Sullinger wearing lipstick and earrings along with the phrase "Party in the USA!"

The sign was a nod to Sullinger's appearance in a video produced by OSU featuring the freshman and two teammates warbling along to the Miley Cyrus hit of the same name. Spotting the sign, Sullinger asked the fan if he could have it, intending to give it to his mother. Minnesota student Andrew Wagner, creator of the sign and a senior, declined to hand it over.

Now, thanks to Twitter and The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the sign will make its way to Columbus and eventually to Sullinger's mother's wall. After Wagner saw an article about the exchange posted on, he reached out to Sullinger via Twitter to let him know that he would have given the Buckeye the sign had he known Sullinger wanted it for his mother.

Two days later, the poster was rolled up and shipped to Columbus following a handful of exchanges between Sullinger and Wagner.

"He gave me a nice shoutout (on Twitter) saying he liked it and people should follow me. Nice gesture, so I sent it this morning," Wagner wrote the paper in a Twitter exchange Feb. 8. "He was very classy and professional in dealing with the hostile crowd, he had a good sense of humor about the sign and it was for his mom."

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