4/12 Scrimmage Stats

Stats from today's scrimmage...

The Ohio State offense used and abused the defense to the tune of 105-44 in Saturday morning's jersey scrimmage at Ohio Stadium.


For the first time in four years, the offense will now get to wear the scarlet jerseys in practice. There will be another jersey scrimmage in preseason camp.


Let's run down today's key statistics.


Starting quarterback Craig Krenzel finished 13-of-20 for 182 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions.


Scott McMullen was 5-of-7 for 53 yards, one TD, one INT.


Troy Smith was 6-of-10 for 116 yards, three TDs, one INT. He also had 13 yards on two carries.


Justin Zwick was 6-of-11 for 68 yards, no TDs, one INT.


Maurice Hall carried 10 times for 29 yards and one TD. He also caught three balls for 41 yards.


Roshawn Parker rushed 15 times for 67 yards and two scores.


Santonio Holmes had five receptions for 209 yards and two touchdowns.


Drew Carter had two receptions for 55 yards and one TD.


Ben Hartsock had seven catches for 51 yards and one TD.


John Hollins had three catches for 51 yards.


Michael Jenkins had three catches for 38 yards.


Roy Hall had two catches for 11 yards and two TDs.


Ryan Hamby had two catches for 16 yards.


Bam Childress caught one ball for 17 yards.

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