Greg Harrison Update

Greg Harrison is one of Pennsylvania's best offensive linemen. He recently talked with Mr. Bucknuts about OSU, recruiting, and more.

I got an opportunity to talk with Greg Harrison yesterday, the impressive offensive lineman from Shenedoah Valley, PA. This is an amiable kid who is really directed in getting his name out. In a good way, for a change.

Greg is in a small division school in Pennsylvania but he's made a big name for himself. He already has an offer from Ohio State, amongst others. Some of those others include Stanford, Colorado, Michigan State, Boston College, Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, Duke, Wake Forest, and North Carolina State. Greg is 6'5" and weighs in at 295 pounds, a weight he says will be about ten pounds less than what he hopes to play at in college. His weight room stats include a 340-pound bench press and a 470-pound squat. His more important stats include a 3.7 GPA and 1120 SAT.

And how about Ohio State? "I'm setting up a trip down there now and I'm really looking forward to it. I know who all the current offensive linemen are and what grade they're in. It seems there could be a good chance for me to play there."

How impressive is Mr. Harrison? When Bill Conley heard about him, he called the Harrisons and asked for some film. When Greg sent Coach Conley the film, Conley called back two days later with an offer. That's impressive. And when I was speaking with Greg, he had just come back from a meeting with Tom Lemming; a meeting set up just for Harrison and All-World PA QB Chad Henne. That's pretty good company to keep (Henne, that is…).

Greg says that he wants to take his visits and enjoys both traveling and the football trips. He laughed when he repeated a story circulating that he was a "lock" for Penn State saying, "I haven't come close to deciding and I see all the schools as being equal right now".

Once Harrison trips down to Columbus, he promised to get back in touch with Bucknuts and let us know how it went. Incidentally, you can see video highlights of Greg Harrison in the new Bucknuts Video Library.

Stay tuned!

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