Junior Prospect - Brandon Lombardy

A player to watch this year in Ohio is Chagrin Falls RB Brandon Lombardy. He won all state honors as a sophomore, but he got injured as a junior and is looking to bounce back with a big senior year.

Chagrin Falls RB Brandon Lombardy is a player whose star began to rise early in his career as he was All-Ohio as a sophomore, but things got sidetracked last year because of an injury. "I injured my ACL on the fourth play of the fourth game last year," he said. "I see the doctor in about a week. I should be given a complete bill of health. I have already been doing some things and it feels fine."

Brandon is looking to have a big senior year, and he is going to be playing more on defense as well.

"I haven't played a lot of defense in the past," he said. "I will play both ways this year. I will be playing OLB and drop back into almost a safety spot when we go into a pass defense.

"I would prefer to play running back."

Brandon has already been to OSU, Michigan and Penn State on unofficial visits. If he had to take his five visits now, Brandon said he would check out Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Boston College. So far, PSU, BC, OSU, Purdue, and Wisconsin have been contacting him the most.

So what is Brandon looking for in a college? "I want a school with a good tradition," he said. "I want to feel comfortable with the coaches. I want a school with a good college life and one that offers my major."

When does he think a decision will come?

"I'm thinking about waiting," he said. "I want to go through the process."

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