End Of Tressel Era? I'm Not Buying

Speculation has run rampant since Yahoo! Sports reported Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel knew last April that his players were committing NCAA violations. Here is managing editor Mark Rea's take on that speculation.

I have no idea when Jim Tressel first discovered six of his players had sold game-used memorabilia in violation of NCAA rules.

I also don't care.

Most of today has been spent hand-wringing over last night's revelation from Yahoo! Sports that "a concerned party" told Tressel last April that several players including quarterback Terrelle Pryor had sold such items as jerseys, Gold Pants charms and MVP trophies. That was eight months before Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith claimed the university first learned of the incident.

For argument's sake, let's say the allegation against Tressel is true. Who is this so-called "concerned party"? That matters because if the coach was made fully aware of what was going on and purposely covered it up, he's in trouble.

If, however, the "concerned party" is one of the hundreds of e-mails, snail mail letters and phone calls the Ohio State head coach receives on a daily basis, well, then, there seems to be plenty of plausible deniability on Tressel's side.

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