PR Aside, Worst May Be Over For Tressel

Ohio State's handling of the situation and Gene Smith's history with the NCAA give me reason to think the self-induced penalties for Jim Tressel's malfeasance will remain what they are. Buckeye fans should be satisfied to take that with the waves of heavy criticism to come along with it.

With the revelation that Jim Tressel was not forthcoming with information about some of his players' potential involvement in illicit behavior, open season has begun on the Ohio State head coach's reputation.

Aside from a few hurt feelings, though, that doesn't figure to matter much in the long run.

All that matters is what the NCAA thinks, and given the handling of the case since the university learned of the misdeeds and Gene Smith's history with the governing body, I think Buckeye fans have reason to exhale.

Read why in the newest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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