Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Even with all the negative publicity surrounding the Ohio State football program, the coaching staff is still going about their business of trying to put together another highly-ranked recruiting class for 2012. Who are the candidates and what are the chances they end up at Ohio State? Bill Greene takes a weekly look at Ohio State's recruiting efforts.

This week's look at the Ohio State 2012 recruiting class will be broken down by position, to give a different look at how they will attempt to fill out their class. With five commitments in the bag, and the total number looking like 19, this piece will focus on finding the 14 prospects to join Warren Ball, Brionte Dunn, Jacoby Boren, Josh Perry and Kyle Kalis.


There will be one quarterback added and it should be Cardale Jones, but the chance of a flame-out is high and Jones is a 50-50 proposition at best to ever play for Ohio State. Assuming Jones makes it in, quarterback recruiting would be over for 2012. If he isn't good to go, the next best option is Shane Dillon, but by slow-playing him you run the risk of never getting him. There are a few in-state options they could turn to late in the process like Austin Appleby and Tyler O'Connor.


Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball should be the end of this discussion.


Nobody on the horizon yet, but I see this position needing filled in this class. The play of Zach Boren should be compared to the people who stumbled around at the position before his arrival, to determine the importance of this spot.


Looks like the two most likely candidates are Dwayne Stanford and Frank Epitropoulos. The addition of Epitropoulos could also kill two birds with one stone if he can handle the punting, another area of need. Ricardo Louis is still lurking, and there are in-state options Corey Smith, Monty Madaris and Cameron Wilson.


They could choose to skip this position since they took two last year, and it is rumored they held off Taylor McNamara when he tried to commit this winter. In-state options would be Sam Grant, Pharoah Brown and Tanner Kearns, with none of the three holding an offer at this time.


Out of state options are Jonah Pirsig, Evan Goodman, Abraham Garcia and Jordan Diamond, with Pirsig probably being the most likely to be a Buckeye, especially with Garcia needing to prove he's healthy to receive an offer. In-state options are basically down to Kyle Dodson, and I do not see him as a Buckeye lock at all, even if offered. Then there are guard candidates like Ryan Anderson, Zach Higgins and Benny McGowan, although tackles are needed desperately.


It looks like a mixed bag of talent because several of these players can line up at different spots. Tommy Schutt is a true defensive tackle and Ohio State is clearly in that game with him. Then there are the six defensive ends holding offers, Greg McMullen, LaTroy Lewis, Se'Von Pittman, Adolphus Washington, Tom Strobel and Chris Wormley. Of these six, only Wormley would not be considered a strong Buckeye lean, and I wouldn't totally count him out yet. If there is any early indication on how Ohio State's recent troubles might impact recruiting, check out this group of prospects, because the other five defensive ends clearly favored the Buckeyes before the negative news happened in the past few weeks.


Taking four in last year's class eliminates the need to take another haul, but I could see one or two being added, especially the right two. Going to list Ifeadi Odenigbo in this spot, and Ohio State has more than a fighting chance of landing him. Out of state star Noor Davis will not be an easy pull, but he has visited on his own dime, a key indicator in recruiting. I'm not at all optimistic on landing James Ross or Daysean Rippy. Kaleb Ringer and Joe Bolden are other in-state options, but Ringer having no interest in Ohio State would eliminate any offer from the Buckeyes.


Since the numbers are low, I'm going with two defensive backs, but they really need three or four. I see Devan Bogard as a Buckeye on Signing Day, and another strong candidate is Jordan Diggs. Do not count out Bam Bradley in this group or even Vangelo Bentley, even though neither have offers. Jarrod Wilson would fit well in this group, but there appears to be no interest from Ohio State at this point in time.


They need a punter and the hope might be that Epitropoulos can do double duty and handle that responsibility as well as wide receiver. Kicker Ross Martin would fit in, but there just isn't the room.

Again, there is a need to emphasize that I'm being conservative with the final number in this class, and it could jump by one or two before all is said and done. Today I see 14 more spots left in this class, and this was a look at breaking it down by position group.

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