Chat Transcript - 4/18

Below is a chat transcript from today's chat with Dave Biddle.

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:03:44 PM)
So we'll kick it off here while waiting for more to arrive... Dave is ready.

nbuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:03:42 PM)
dave did you see hoobler there at practice yesterday?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:04:04 PM)
practice was not open yesterday

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:04:17 PM)
Hey Dave, how has D'Andrea looked this spring. I read your reports, seems like he is doing well, I hope he makes a huge impact this year in the middle.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:04:34 PM)
it might be early but does DAndrea have the inside track to MLB

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:04:48 PM)
i think mike is making strides this spring. i think he might end up as the starter this fall

nbuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:04:46 PM)
how does coleman look on the o line 2deep?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:05:12 PM)
coleman is looking good. he has put on about 20 pounds, but still looks quick.

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:05:17 PM)
How is Datish coming along?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:05:22 PM)
I'd like to see him start I think once he gets in there he will be fine

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:05:50 PM)
Datish's big problem last year was pass blocking, but he got the job done at the scrimmage last week. he's always been a good run blocker

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:05:55 PM)
Is SS the biggest concern from what you have seen?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:06:16 PM)
i wouldn't call it a concern, but i think salley is a better prospect than everett

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:06:20 PM)
Do you see Will Allen developing into a leader on defense?

nbuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:07:01 PM)
if there are blow out games will zwick get as much time as mcmullen?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:07:16 PM)
yes i do. i think all the seniors on the defense will be leaders this year

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:07:19 PM)
I know Gamble is a huge threat, but with Holmes and Hall, does he see the field much on offense, IYO?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:07:53 PM)
It will be interesting to see if Troy Smith or Zwick will be #3. Right now, Smith looks better.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:08:16 PM)
I think Gamble will play a lot on offense in big games, not very much in other games

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:08:28 PM)
Whitner has sounded impressive thus far making big hits...... can you talk about how you see him fitting in this year?

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:08:30 PM)
IYO, will White see the field as a TE or LB?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:09:12 PM)
Whitner will be a second team corner at best. I think Underwood has the nickel back locked down and Whitner needs to beat out Steven Moore and Harlen Jacobs for a second-team spot.

nbuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:09:27 PM)
have you any idea how many may attend the scrimage today?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:09:46 PM)
I don't think we'll see Stan play much this year, but I would guess TE if anything.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:10:06 PM)
Not sure how many will be there today.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:10:36 PM)
how many games into the season before we surprise someone w/ Irizarry down the middle

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:10:50 PM)
Hopefully the Huskies get burned by Louis

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:11:05 PM)
Dave, what's the latest with the DT position? Obviously the starting lineup will see Scott move to DT, but who is looking to be the the next in line?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:11:12 PM)
that would be a good time..... the teams in the big 10 know about him and would have their eye on him

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:11:43 PM)
Louis to my knowledge is expected by the coaches to be ready to play right away, so if he comes in as advertised and ready to go, he could be in the game plan early

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:11:47 PM)
I think the second team line will be: Richardson (DE), Pitcock (DT), Green (DT) and Penton (DE). Penton is playing both DE and DT though

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:10 PM)
Kudla slipping?

nbuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:16 PM)
how has schaeffer looked at o line?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:16 PM)
That is a pretty strong second team D-Line IMO

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:35 PM)
Kudla just needs to get his strength back. that was a pretty serious illness he had

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:50 PM)
Schafer played on the D-Line at last week's scrimmage

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:12:55 PM)
How is Sims looking to complete an OL of: Sims, Clarke, Mangold, Step, and Olivea? What about Downing, how has he looked?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:13:30 PM)
will we see less formations with a FB this year?....... they never really decided on one last year

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:13:49 PM)
Sims will definitely see the field a lot this year. I like to say the Bucks have eight returning starters on the O-Line, including Hartsock... Downing looked pretty good last week. He's on the two-deep. Probably won't play much this year, but will be a starter in 2004.

bucknut13 (Apr 18, 2003 1:14:07 PM)
Thanks guys, headed to the Shoe, talk to you soon.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:14:35 PM)
I think we can expect many different formations this year. The coaches seem pretty high on Branden Joe, so we'll still see a lot of the fullback.

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:15:04 PM)
Give us your thoughts on the punting situation.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:15:30 PM)
I am very optimistic about BJ Sander. I don't think there will be much of a dropoff, if any, from Andy Groom

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:15:54 PM)
And we all know it's the most important play in football

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:15:54 PM)
it would be nice to get a committment out of the Vandy punter today he sounds like the real deal

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:16:21 PM)
yes, that would be nice to land that kid

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:16:59 PM)
maybe he can announce it for the gameday guys :)

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:16:59 PM)
What has been your opinion of Schlegel so far?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:17:19 PM)
He has been off the charts good. Too bad he isn't eligible this year

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:17:51 PM)
can he play the pass as well as he can the run\

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:18:11 PM)
too early to tell, but I think run-stuffing is his strength

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:19:12 PM)
he is a huge kid...... tim anderson is a better athlete than i thought. I read he had a 34 in vert! How has he looked so far being the only starter on the d-line

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:19:33 PM)
like he misses the other three starters :-)

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:19:56 PM)
anderson is having a great spring, he will be all-american IMO

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:20:17 PM)
How's RJ Coleman look?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:20:51 PM)
Coleman is looking good. He's put on about 20 pounds, but still looks pretty quick. They pulled him a lot last week.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:20:56 PM)
that's fine w/ me...... they really pick apart these guys for the NFL draft. They say both Peterson and Doss are slipping

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:21:11 PM)
I think they will both go in the 2nd round

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:21:22 PM)
Has Bryce Bishop lost any weight? How does he look?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:22:03 PM)
He looks about the same weight, but looks bigger in the chest. Weight wasn't really his problem last year, he just isn't very quick.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:22:39 PM)
even if Bryce lost 20 pounds, he still wouldn't be able to pull very often

brett (Apr 18, 2003 1:23:23 PM)
what about clark....any slimmer

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:23:38 PM)
has AJ Hawk looked like he's picked up where he left off...... there hasn't been much said about him so far

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:23:41 PM)
Clarke continues to shed some pounds, little by little

buckeyescott (Apr 18, 2003 1:23:50 PM)
What's the word out of practice??? Who will be the (4) starting DBs come fall??

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:24:22 PM)
AJ is having a good spring so far. they are moving him around a lot, which tells you that the coaches think he can do a lot of good things. I think he's going to be a star this year

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:24:47 PM)
My guess is Fox, Gamble, Allen and Salley. But the coaches obviously think Everett is ahead of Salley right now.

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:25:00 PM)
Are Whitner and Youboty improving at all or is it too early to tell?

buckeyescott (Apr 18, 2003 1:25:31 PM)
Who will be the starting 5 OLs come fall??

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:25:43 PM)
They did not look good at the scrimmage last week. I know the O-Zone reported that Whitner was making big hits, but that is a stretch to say that... Youboty should be redshirted in my opinion.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:25:48 PM)
Salley seems like a great guy to defend the pass but maybe not as good against the run?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:26:27 PM)
O-Line: Olivea, Step, Mangold, Clarke, Douglas... with Sims getting alot of time.

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:26:36 PM)
How good a player do you think Doug Datish will be?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:26:49 PM)
I think you might be right about Salley. He needs to put on some weight to be a Big Ten safety.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:27:23 PM)
I think Datish will be a really good player. He would be starting this year if the Bucks weren't so stacked on the O-Line.

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:27:37 PM)
Has anyone asked yet about Chad Hobbler and how seriously he is considering Pen State

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:27:56 PM)
I'm not sure about Hobbler.

buckeyescott (Apr 18, 2003 1:28:48 PM)
No Bishop in starting OL?? Is he not progressing like he should??

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:28:52 PM)
how about Ira Guilford? any chance he could get that SS position this fall probably not but he is supposedly comparable to Doss

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:29:02 PM)
Bishop is doing OK, but someone has to be the odd man out

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:29:23 PM)
How about Michigan, how good will they be this year, and will the big10 comedown to OSU and michigan once again?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:29:33 PM)
From what I've read, Guilford could be a guy who gets playing time right away, but I couldn't tell you for sure

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:29:46 PM)
Hoobler is definitely considering Penn State strongly, but the OSU offer should make his decision more difficult. Or

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:30:02 PM)
As much as I hate to say it, Michigan will be really good this year. Purdue is right up there and Wisky will be dangerous as well

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:30:31 PM)
michigan has got the schedule for it......if they don't do it this year I don't respect them :)

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:09 PM)
I agree, I think Michigan will be good. I don't know their Big Ten schedule off the top of my head, but home or away, they should be favored to beat every team up until The Game. It should be another war, and they will want it this year. I would not be surprised to see two unbeatens going at it.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:10 PM)
The Big Ten will be stronger than it has been in years

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:12 PM)
i just don't think they will ever be good until they get a nice RB...... I'm a big perry skeptic

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:27 PM)
I think Perry is going to have a big year

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:31 PM)
John Navarre has settled down alot and him going to Braylan edwards good be a rough combination

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:31:38 PM)
After Clarett, who do you think will carry the ball more...Ross or Hall?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:32:01 PM)
Yeah, I used to be pretty rough on Navarre, but he came around last year... but as long as he is always turnover-prone against the Bucks, we'll be fine

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:32:10 PM)
Having said that, other than 1997, Michigan always finds a way to slip up somewhere, so you might want to forget about the unbeaten part

ToledoBuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:32:29 PM)
I joined late, so sorry if this has already been asked... On the Michigan Insiders site, Chad Hoobler says that he will announce his decision on May 27th. What is the significance of that date???

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:33:00 PM)
I am not sure

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:33:15 PM)
it seems like more kids are doing that in order to get the no BS treatment from colleges trying to get the best then coming back to them

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:33:18 PM)
That is a good question about Ross or Hall. I go back and forth on that one

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:33:25 PM)
But I would guess Ross

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:33:47 PM)
Will Irizarry get much PT this year?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:34:04 PM)
He will get some. Ryan Hamby has looked real good this spring though.

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:34:25 PM)
Is everyone else expecting alot from Will Allen like I am this year, he only has one year left but he had seemed to step up so much last year, I think he could easily make 2nd string all american

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:34:32 PM)
have you heard much about Delbert lately??

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:34:57 PM)
Hopefully Will Allen has that type of a year... but I'm just hoping for all-Big Ten

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:35:14 PM)
Allen seems like he wants to be a leader on the defense, especially after he got on the defense for their performance in the first scrimmage.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:35:37 PM)
Sounds like the coaches want to see Delbert in camp before they offer

bobblehead (Apr 18, 2003 1:35:45 PM)
Hi Dave, I'd like you to comment on the size of some players this spring, particularly young guys like Mangold, Downing, and Mitchell.

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:35:59 PM)
Any word on how Ciff Reynolds is doing thus far?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:36:04 PM)
yeah what's Mitchell's downside?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:36:18 PM)
Mangold has definitely gotten bigger. Much bigger... Mitchell and Downing look about the same to me, but both of those guys came in pretty big

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:36:19 PM)
I figured he would be in the hunt for the safety position

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:36:34 PM)
I haven't seen Cliff this spring

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:37:00 PM)
Downside on Mitchell? I would say his lack of experience in the passing game. He was basically a run stopper in high school

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:37:16 PM)
Could Mitchell bulk up and be a LB like Grant was last year?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:37:46 PM)
Yes, that is definitely a possibility down the line... but they are a bit thin at safety with Thomas Matthews' move to OLB

ToledoBuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:38:40 PM)
Since today is the special teams scrimmage, I have two pretty random special teams questions: 1.) Is Brian Pierce an early enrollee (ala Whitner, Youboty, etc) and thus taking part in Spring drills, or will he come in as a freshman in the fall? 2.) How likely is it that the Vandy punter transfers to OSU? Does anyone have any insights?

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:39:06 PM)
Who will see more action...Roy Hall or Santonio Holmes?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:39:29 PM)
Pierce is not taking part in spring drills... I think the Bucks have a 90 percent chance of landing the Vandy transfer.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:39:35 PM)

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:39:49 PM)
I think the Vandy punter would have to like the opportunity

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:39:49 PM)
who is this vandy transfer, i havn't heard much about him?

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:05 PM)
What do you mean Kirk?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:19 PM)
He was a freshman last year and averaged around 45 yards per kick.

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:25 PM)
sorry, I misread your answer...I got it now

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:27 PM)
after BJ Sander this year (his transfer year) we have nothing solid

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:50 PM)
Yes, Josh Huston is the backup punter right now and he is looking terrible

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:40:57 PM)

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:41:14 PM)
that's why Nuge is getting some reps in practice as a punter

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:41:37 PM)
let's pray for BJ's health

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:41:42 PM)
Where has Tyree ended up?

ToledoBuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:41:51 PM)
The punter from Vandy would be a huge coup for OSU. He was a Freshman All-American this past year, and he could step right in in 2004 after Sander graduates.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:41:58 PM)
Tyree is on the O-Line... and buried on the depth chart

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:42:42 PM)
Maybe he heard Tressel's comments on the importance of the punt and was like, "I need to play for that guy."

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:42:45 PM)
How are the young D-lineman like Pitcock, Richardson, and Penton looking?

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:42:45 PM)
Impressions of Pitcock, Richardson, and Penton?

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:42:57 PM)

silverbullets (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:00 PM)

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:03 PM)
great minds!

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:09 PM)
I hear ya!

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:19 PM)
Those young D-Linemen are looking really good. They will all get a lot of playing time off the bench this year

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:24 PM)
I think its easy to say the strength of the defence this year will be the Line, but how is this gonna match up against other offences and passing attacks; are teams just going to consistently air it out against gamble and fox?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:43:42 PM)
If they do, they will be in trouble

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:00 PM)
Who would you say are the backup corners after Gamble and Fox?

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:19 PM)
When healthy, what part of this defense can you really attack?

ToledoBuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:25 PM)
Underwood and Whitner

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:26 PM)
Moore and Underwood right now, with Jacobs and Whitner on the third team

silverbullets (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:34 PM)
I think our secondary will be very strong as well. We have two all big10 corners returning and a great safety in Allen. We just need someone to step up @ stong.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:44:36 PM)
any word yet on John Kerr and do you think he would help us or just be buried in the depth chart

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:45:03 PM)
Teams probably think the linebackers are a weakness, but I don't think that will be the case

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:45:23 PM)
Has Salley been impressive at safety?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:45:27 PM)
Not sure about Kerr. I never really thought he'd end up here

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:45:46 PM)
Yes, Salley has looked really good. I think he will be a starter at some point this year

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:45:50 PM)
Hey Kirk, when do you think the video of Fred Davis will be ready? I gotta see it!

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:46:07 PM)
sounds like we will be solid of defence this year again, just a difficult schedule stands in our way to another major bowl game

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:46:23 PM)
OSU or Michigan?

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:46:55 PM)
Is Drew Carter gonna have a breakout year?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:00 PM)
Unless you are talking about Bo Pelini

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:22 PM)
Duane hasn't sent it yet. I would not expect it for at least another ten days...

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:25 PM)
Yes, DC is going to have a big year. He is going to get a lot of opportunites with Gamble playing mostly on the D

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:29 PM)
Thanks Kirk

BuckNutty (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:43 PM)
Thanks Dave!

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:47:59 PM)
No problem BuckNutty

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:48:06 PM)
What is the second string O-Line as it looks now?

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 1:48:17 PM)
But we have a new video that just arrived yesterday that I am posting tomorrow or Sunday of OL Kyle Mitchum from PA. He's a good one. I may also have another clip tomorrow as well.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:48:19 PM)
what do you think of marcus green will he ever make an impact or will he be passed by David Patterson also

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:48:46 PM)
Sims, Mangold, Kne, Datish, Coleman (although Kne is running with the ones right now with Olivea out)

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:49:10 PM)
Is Coleman at the guard or tackle?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:49:12 PM)
is Datish a guard?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:49:32 PM)
This is a key year for Marcus Green. If he doesn't make his mark this year, we can write him off. He has looked pretty good this spring. He has lost a little weight

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:49:43 PM)
Coleman is a guard and Datish is playing both right now

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:50:06 PM)
But I think Datish will end up as a tackle

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:50:34 PM)
how do you like all the visors the QBs have this spring

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:50:35 PM)
I love the idea of trying to get a more "athletic" O-Line (like Coleman?)

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:50:59 PM)
and Sims

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:51:09 PM)
2004 line: Sims (T), Datish (G), Mangold (C), Coleman (G), Kne... with Downing getting a lot of time

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:51:29 PM)
I like the "Greg Frey" visors

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:51:51 PM)
well, not quite the "Darth Vader" look like Greg

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:52:14 PM)
haha it looks stylish on troy but c'mon craig

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:52:40 PM)
Craig is doing it because of laser eye surgery

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:52:42 PM)
they're not keeping those now way are they

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:52:54 PM)
not sure

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:53:11 PM)
i think clarett needs one after getting poked in the eye against MICH

bo master of the universe (Apr 18, 2003 1:53:29 PM)
Who is gonna be the #2 goto receiver, we could really usesomeone to step up in the slot for us

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:53:40 PM)
Will D'Andrea be the starter at the Mike?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:53:41 PM)
Drew Carter or Santonio Holmes

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:09 PM)
If you asked me a week ago, I would have said no. But Mike is definitely looking like he might be a starter now.

ToledoBuck (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:23 PM)
This year I think it will be Drew Carter, but in 2004 it will be Fred Davis. The guy is AWESOME. As a Toledoan, I plan to be at every Rodgers game this year. (FWIW, Davis is the 2nd major recruit from Toledo Rodgers in 3 years, with the other one being the deceased Dru Humphries, who actually committed to OSU before Clarett did.)

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:25 PM)
But there is still that chance that Rob Reynolds gets moved to the inside

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:32 PM)
How serious is Carpenter's injury?

silverbullets (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:35 PM)
Why do you say that about Mike now D. Biddle?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:54:52 PM)
I think Bobby will be 100 percent by fall.

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:55:16 PM)
I think great things will happen with DAndrea in there

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:55:21 PM)
It just seems like D'Andrea is getting more and more confidence learning the defense with each practice

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:55:54 PM)
How is he is pass coverage compared to say, Wilhelm?

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:55:59 PM)
does Roy Hall deserve the DBoston comparisons Dave?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:56:25 PM)
Too early to tell, but D'Andrea did struggle a little bit in the passing game at last week's scrimmage

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:56:26 PM)
wilhelm knew that defense inside and out..... he always seemed to be in position

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:56:51 PM)
He seems to have the speed to eventually do well there

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:56:51 PM)
No, I don't think he deserves those comparisons. Boston was a starter and major contributor as a true freshman

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:57:31 PM)
did you happen to see the hit Whitner layed on him that was written about?!

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:57:51 PM)
But even Wilhelm was pulled on passing downs as a sophmore... there is plenty of time for MDA to get the defense down pat

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:58:25 PM)
Those were exaggerations... The best hit of the day was RoShawn Parker running over Whitner

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:58:38 PM)
lol you don't sound like a Whitner fan

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 1:58:49 PM)
Where is Parker from (H.S.)?

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:58:52 PM)
It's not that, I just don't think he's all that just yet

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:59:03 PM)
Eastmoor, same as Archie

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:59:27 PM)
who would be your starting linebackers in 2004 as of today

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 1:59:48 PM)
Carpenter, Schlegel, Hawk... but MDA would play a lot

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 1:59:49 PM)
Schlegel sounds a sure thing but does DAndrea move over to sam

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 2:00:29 PM)
It will be really interesting to see what happens there. I think Schlegel is a born MLB, but D'Andrea is starting to come on. If he has a big year this year, it will be tough to move him

Kirk (Apr 18, 2003 2:00:48 PM)
Well we are coming up on the one hour mark... Dave's got to jet to get over to the scrimmage, so be sure to post any last questions. I will stick around for a few and answer any recruiting questions you might have...

wiz1001 (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:08 PM)
Thanks, Dave

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:12 PM)
I'll send you a report when I get back Kirk

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:19 PM)
then could you see Schlegel at strong

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:22 PM)
No problem wiz

#1 D'And Fan (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:40 PM)
ok bye thans for taking the Qs

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:42 PM)
I'm not sure about that. I think a D'Andrea move is more likely.

D Biddle (Apr 18, 2003 2:01:53 PM)
Thanks guys!

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