Spring Game Draft Results

First off, here are the seniors assigned to each team...

Scarlet seniors: Bobby Britton, Fred Pagac, Tim Anderson, Darrion Scott, Alex Stepanovich & Rob Reynolds (Dave B said each of those three are injured), Ivan Douglas, Mike Jenkins, Mo Lee, Adrien Clarke, Craig Krenzel, Jim Otis also assigned.

Gray seniors: Guys listed as injured guys are Will Smith and Shane Olivea. Will Allen, Jason Bond, Steve Graef, Bryce Bishop, Scott McMullen, Ben Hartsock, Mike Young, Drew Carter, Jamal Luke, B. J. Sander.

Gray won the toss and selected Chris Gamble as a CB.  Once a player from a position is selected, teams have to finish out that position.

Scarlet selected Dustin Fox.

Gray selected EJ Underwood.

Scarlet selected Ashton Youboty.

Gray selected Steven Moore.

Scarlet selected Antonio Smith.

OT is opened next. Scarlet selected Rob Sims.

Gray selected Mike Kne.

Tressel placed Ryan Cook on the Gray and Doug Datish on the Scarlet.

McLaughlin to Scarlet. Nash to Gray.

Center is next position.

Nick Mangold to Gray.

Steve Winner to Scarlet.

Andree Tyee is out.

Kicker is next position... Scarlet takes Mike Nugent.

Gray takes Josh Huston.

Matt Russell to Scarlet.

Soult to Gray.

Gray opened up guard, takes John Conroy.

Scarlet took Adam Olds.

Tressell assigned RJ Coleman to Gray.

Scarlet opened up Will linebacker. They selected AJ Hawk.

Gray selected Thomas Matthews.

Scarlet selected Joe Bradley.

Finissi to Gray (?)

Gray opened WR, selected Santonio Holmes.

Bam Childress is selected by Scarlet.

Wilson (?) to Gray

Sam LB is opened by Scarlet, they selected Mike D'Andrea.

Gray takes Vera. (?)

Cliff Reynolds is mentioned as doubtful for the game, he goes to Scarlet.

Mike LB is opened by Gray. They pick Anthony Schlegel.

Tucker Allen goes to Scarlet.

Fullback is opened by Scarlet, they select Brandon Schnittker.

Gray selects Branden Joe.

Scarlet selects Roshown Parker as FB.

Gray takes Staubs (?)

Scarlet gets Adams (?)

Gray opens QB... selects Troy Smith.

Scarlet selects Justin Zwick.

Matt Trombitas is on Gray.

Scarlet opens TE... they pick Ryan Hamby.

Gray selects Stan White Jr.

Jason Caldwell goes to Scarlet.

Gray opens long snapper... they pick Kyle Andrews.

Norman (?) to Scarlet.

Scarlet opens up XWR... they pick Roy Hall.

Gray selects John Hollins.

Scarlet selects Angelo Chattams.

Gray selects Mike Holmes.

Gray opens up DT... selects Quinn Pitcock.

Marcus Green selected by Scarlet.

Tim Schafer goes to Gray.

Scarlet opens up

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