Pics from 4-22 practice

We have some photos from yesterday's practice as taken by Evan Mercer, who also provided a few thoughts on the session...

The last 30 minutes were all short situation plays, almost all pass in design. There were 3 teams on O and D. Krenzel, McMullen, and Smith led the teams respectively. The hitting was hard; in fact Penton got into a scuffle with a couple of the offensive players at the end of one play (couldn't make out who they were). It was only 30 minutes, but regardless, Troy Smith was elusive, accurate, and in my opinion, very scary to have to defend. He easily got away from every attempt to sack him. Holmes also stood out. And the intensity of the defensive units was up there. They gang tackled on every play. It was cold, but it was fun.

Chris Gamble defends Drew Carter

Roy Hall makes a diving grab...

...and is able to hold on.

Coach Tressel ponders a question about whether or not he agrees with the stuff going on in Nebraska about paying players (his response was he would agree if other sports had the same)

Ashton Youboty makes a nice INT

Mike D'Andrea

Troy Smith behind center Steve Winner

Santonio Holmes makes a nice grab to end the session

Holmes holds on


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