LaTroy Lewis Has Options

Akron Hoban defensive end Latroy Lewis combines with teammate Greg McMullen to create tremendous pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Lewis, who also excels in the classroom, has put together an impressive offer list. Where do things stand with Lewis and his recruitment?

LaTroy Lewis is one of the top prospects in Ohio in what is considered a stellar year for defensive ends. Lewis stars with fellow defensive end Greg McMullen to form an impressive pass-rushing duo, often disrupting opposing passing attacks with great pressure.

Lewis, 6-foot-4, 235-pounds, has become a hot commodity on the recruiting trail and he holds seven offers currently. An excellent student in the classroom, Lewis is a desired target for college recruiters.

"Recruiting is going great for me," Lewis stated. "I have offers from Ohio State, Cincinnati, Michigan, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Illinois and Vanderbilt. Illinois is the most recent offer, coming in a few days ago. I don't know too much about them, but I've started talking to their coach."

"I'm not planning on going to any camps this summer, but I should be getting out to see a few schools," he added. "I went to Tennessee a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed that a lot. Knoxville is definitely a football city, and they have a great coaching staff. I like Tennessee a lot and I will consider them highly."

Lewis hasn't really taken too many unofficial visits because of his basketball schedule, but he did comment on a few programs that interest him.

"I went to Notre Dame with Greg (McMullen) and it was an amazing place," he explained. "They haven't offered me yet, and that's one I'd love to have. I think they're waiting to see how things go through the summer for them. I'm planing on getting up to Michigan at some point. My dad played there, but he never pushes them to me."

"Ohio State was in the school recently, but I haven't been there in a while," he continued. "We don't really talk all that much, but things are good. I'm also hearing from Florida and Nebraska, but neither have offered yet. Greg is going back out to Nebraska again this summer, and he wants me to go with him. I will probably go with him and I know he likes it a lot."

Package deals rarely occur in recruiting, and even though Lewis and McMullen are best friends they understand each player needs to do what's best for that individual.

"We've always talked about going to college together, but we know in the end that each of us has to do what's best," he explained. "Honestly, the chances probably are good that we won't be going to the same school, but it's too soon to say that right now. No matter what happens we will always be best friends, and we have to see how things go."

"We still talk about it and it would be great, so you never know how things work out in the end," he said. "This decision is so important and I'm going to take my time. I want to make the right choice, so I don't know when I will make my decision. I'm not going to put a time limit on this. It would be great to have it done before the season, but I don't really see that happening. When I find the school that has the right people I want to be with for the next four years, I will go ahead and commit."

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